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One of the most important decisions homeowners must make when starting a kitchen is choosing backsplashes. The backsplashes that you choose will be the focal points of the room, the items you will spend the most time looking at. You have to decide how much you are willing to spend, and also how much you want to customize your backsplashes.

You can achieve the design look luxury on a small budget. Today you can find glass, stainless steel and ceramic material with an affordable price. These materials do not require maintenance. But, if you want to stay with luxury materials like marble, you need to extra pay for special cleaning supplies to preserve it well.

Do not only select materials based on price but also based on function. Materials such as a granite, ceramic, polished stainless steel should not only offer design refinement, they are also hygienic, rust-resistant, and durable. Find the most suitable materials to meet your purpose and design requirements.

The most popular materials:

  • Vinyl

  • Ceramic tile

  • Glass

  • Stainless steel

  • Natural stone

Some homeowners choose to pick the exact design of their backsplash first and then decide on the actual materials to match. Backsplashes has to be matched with a color of countertop and kitchen facades. Choose general kitchen color palette first and it will be more easy to choose materials.

Also, there is a things to think about before you buying a backsplash:

  • How often do you cook?

  • Polished or not

  • Thin or not

  • Easy to paint

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable

  • Rust-resistant

  • Hygienic


Kitchen area not only needs to be suitable for cooking, but also a comfortable place to relax.

Probably you don't want to see or step on rugs, so a tile floor is often a good bet.

How about a luxurious marble floor? Marble tiles are better to spend big bucks on but, of course, expensive and your kitchen will probably take a bigger place. If you love the clean lines of the marble look but don’t want to buy natural marble, how about ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile has a big diversity of prices and desgins.

If you love the idea of that marble or ceramic flooring look but are not able to afford it, an alternative could be wood. Wood is the fastest growing flooring trend that combines traditional designs and contemporary ideas. It can create the most beautiful aesthetic.

You need to pay attention to material which you want to use in the kitchen flooring. For example, if you have wooden flooring material in the kitchen and you want to preserve the natural texture of wood, you can use fine surface coatings like polyurethane or oil. With a careful choice of kitchen floor material and the right application of flooring coatings, you can obtain a stylish kitchen look.

Or just choose the more economical option of using laminate or linoleum.


Textile material for an interior decoration of a kitchen might seem cheap and requires maintenance. It cannot be cleaned well, which is the reason why it becomes useless and ugly quickly. But, in case you want to preserve it well and get a trendy design, you can still use that.

For example, there are many interior designers who choose a textile patterns. With the right combination of wall color and pattern, you can get a stylish interior of a kitchen.

For instance, your can combine similar carpet and wall pattern to look it stylish.

Do you like the kitchen material ideas? Don’t forget to share it with your friends and tell us what you think about it!

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