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We are always faced with a choice: domestic car or foreign car, private house or apartment, tile or laminate, which is better in the kitchen? Any decision is made by comparing the pros and cons of each of the selected objects.

Today, we'll research to determine which material is ideal for kitchen flooring: ceramic tile or laminate. To begin, we must first comprehend what these materials are. Laminate flooring is made of a thick wood-fiber board. Ceramic tile, often known as tile, is a huge square plate of clay used for floors and walls. Laminate and tile are both popular and useful building materials. So, which is the better option for a kitchen floor? You can download the Room Planner App to get a real space idea, of which one you like more for your kitchen.

First, let's find out what are the requirements for the coating of the specifics of such a room as a kitchen.

Best Kitchen Flooring Material: What to Choose?

Since in the kitchen we often deal with water that will inevitably fall to the floor, water resistance is a mandatory property of the kitchen floor.

It is equally important that the coating was quite impact-resistant because no one is safe from slipping out of the hands of a heavy frying pan or other heavy kitchen utensils.

It is very convenient when you can easily clean grease, dirt, and other debris from the kitchen floor. On the floor near the sink, the plates tend to appear with greasy stains, which can be removed only with a scraper, metal brush, and an abrasive powder. Not all coatings such as porcelain will withstand such cleaning. Therefore, the hygiene of the coating, which provides ease of maintenance of the floor in its pure form, is a very practical requirement for flooring ideas for kitchens.

The kitchen is a room from which many often move, so the floor covering must create natural high wear resistance.

Having formulated the main requirements for the floor, let's see to what extent certain materials meet our above requirements.

Flooring for Kitchen: Laminate. Pros and Cons

Laminate is one of the first floor coverings, but, like other materials, it has both open pros and cons. This must be taken into account when buying it. Among the advantages is the relatively low price of laminate. The variety of design styles of this material is also an advantage. It can have any texture: wood (maple, oak, and cherry) that also gives warmth, imitation stone (e.g. granite). The strength of this coating is also at the level. Not terrible laminate and mechanical damage. Traces of furniture movement, animal claws, and heels do not remain on this floor. Also, this material has fairly good sound insulation.

Laminate adapts well to temperature and quickly accepts room temperature, so we can safely say that it is a warm material, although barefoot. The main advantage of laminate is that it is not attached to the floor, so it can be easily removed and, if desired, change to another. Speaking of disadvantages, let's say the following:

  • laminate is not made of wood, but wood fibers - in its production, synthetic materials are used, so the laminate can not be called an environmentally friendly product;

  • in a relatively short time, it will decorate the floor - as a rule, the laminate is changed in 5-7 years;

  • the material does not like liquid, due to moisture it loses its appearance and deteriorates;

  • laminate does not tolerate high temperatures and ignites quickly, leaving thermal damage on its surface.

When choosing a laminate as the best material for kitchen floors, you need to think foremost about safety. Installation requires a lot of effort and patience, as it must be installed only on a level surface.

The Best Material for Kitchen Floor: Ceramic Tile. Pros and Cons

Tile is no less popular than laminate, flooring material, but not always, choosing between these coatings, the choice is obvious. Let's analyze the reason.

Let's start with the cons:

  • in terms of price, the tile loses the tile;

  • leaves much to be desired is the temperature of the ceramics, yet it is a very cold material, and without shoes, it is better not to step on it;

  • low sound insulation is another disadvantage of tile;

  • when installing it, it is desirable to make a soundproof layer.

The hard surface of the tile guarantees a broken plate or cup that has fallen on it, and the ceramic itself can be damaged. The installation of the tiling process is time-consuming, expensive, and very dirty.

The advantages of this material include the following points:

  • Easy to clean - with tiles, you don't have to worry about the cloth is too wet or too dry. In any case, the dirt is very easy to clean;

  • Numerous variations of how to lay tiles will also be a plus. We are more constrained in this way while working with laminate;

  • The tile is non-combustible and has excellent thermal conductivity. This is crucial when it comes to the kitchen floor. Other materials, such as laminate, will not endure as long as tile.

Ceramic tile and laminate have earned their place as the most popular flooring options. These items have both benefits and drawbacks. Somewhere apparent, someplace hidden. They are still competing for the chance to be more relevant in the construction materials industry. However, should you go with laminate or ceramic tile for your kitchen flooring?

First, we must proceed from our needs and, of course, income. Laminate will be a budget option, but in case of flooding, and in the kitchen such an unpleasant case is possible, the laminate flooring is defeated. Laminate can be damaged, which will affect your wallet. Tile water is not so terrible, but it does not have the comfort that will add laminate. This is a cold material. It is not as comfortable as the other one.

Therefore, choosing a coating, you need to proceed only with your own opinion. Everyone, after reading this article, will draw the appropriate conclusions and make their own decision. In any case, as in all spheres of life, the choice is always ours.

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Chris Hartman
Chris Hartman

The tile flooring options from Laminate Vinyl Floors company are stunning! I appreciate the variety of styles available, from sleek and modern to more rustic and traditional. Tile is such a practical choice for kitchens, especially with its water-resistant properties.

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