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5 ways to use natural wood in the interior of the kitchen | Room Planner Blog

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Looking at your kitchen when planning a repair is always a moment when you collect some ideas and doubt if one solution or another suits you best. So here you’ll find some tips of why it is smart to use wood interior design at your cooking space and how to make it stylish and comfortable.

Why using natural wood kitchen designs is a good decision?

This question bothers many people before they accept this idea, and the first thing that makes difference is:

  • Visual effect: natural materials create coziness and warm atmosphere in the premises. It applies to all natural wood interior designs, not only to the kitchen, because elements with natural materials make any room more lively, and timber is one of the most comfortable natural materials to work with.

  • Taking into account how many interior designs with wood exist now, we can say that it’s quite universal. It really suits to almost all the styles, whether it is wooden kitchen decoration, floor or worktop. But, even if you’re not a fan of wooden furniture, you can always use other elements of space, like wood ceilings or wooden walls in kitchens.

  • As natural materials were mentioned, it should be said that a natural wooden kitchen is an eco-friendly solution for all the members of your family, including pets. It becomes another point of discussion when a young couple is going to have a child. Usually, this period of life is accompanied by huge changes like buying a house and starting repairs, and using wood is one of the simplest decisions.

  • What makes wood another advantageous solution is its durability. Of course, for any wood in kitchens, the conditions of a constant temperature and air humidity change are not the best.

However, it also depends on the preparatory wood treatment during the production of the kitchen furniture, and on the care that owners of such a furniture provide.

Using natural wood in decorations and illumination of the kitchen

Wood houses interior supposes not always the large-sized wooden furniture. There can be small details or some elements of an average size which make it more cozy. Some of them can be just decorative, like statuettes or flower pots. Others have more functionality. And here you can choose whatever suits you best: clocks, serving platters and cutting boards, containers of different size to store bulk products, or baskets for saving things in order, etc.

As the wooden details add more warmth to the atmosphere, you can use them in combination with light fittings, using warm light, like it’s shown on the pictures below.

They can be of regular shape, or of more natural forms. These are possible to make by yourself, if you’re confident in your knowledge of electrics.

It will add uniqueness and creativeness to your premise. Furthermore, these fittings suit to both - kitchens with wood ceilings, or with white ceiling which is more usual for people.

Wooden equipment

Working with wooden cooking utensils is pleasure accompanied by comfort. Touching well-treated wooden details makes the owner like what he or she is doing, and what’s more, they are functional. For example, wooden equipment is highly required if a person uses non-stick-coated cookware. After all, it’s simply beautiful.

But, except that, you can find many other examples of using wood as kitchenware. Wooden plates are also a frequent ‘guest’ in dining rooms. They can be of different forms, serving different tasks, like being a plate to serve cheese, fruits and nuts, or just being a usual bowl for a vegetable salad.

Another view is using combinations of wood with glass and with plastic. Though, glass is still more ecologic material, so if you worry about the safeness of your kitchenware, it’s better to use glass containers, for example.

The use of wood here is universal as well, because most of these things you can make by yourself or order to be made. And here’s only your imagination to point you what it’s for and what it should look like.

Wooden kitchen cabinet, walls and surfaces

The most classic solution in wooden kitchen interior design is installation of wooden furniture. It’s clear to install, simple to care, and available for restoration after years of use. Clear waxed, lacquered, painted wood – all are good solutions, which allow everyone to choose what is best for their personal situation and budget. The last factor highly depends on the kind of wood and on its quality.

In fact, wood in natural interior design is frequently used for trimming and for design of large parts of the surface. Wooden modern kitchen with wooden beams or ceilings are not a rare case. Kitchens with beams look a little unwieldy and massive, but such element creates the impression of power of the whole construction.

As you can see on the picture above, another good thing to keep in mind is that ‘white and wood’ interior design is extremely stylish, charming and tidy. From one hand, it’s well-made contrasts, placed smartly in this design. From another hand, white color and natural wood just look well together. That’s another point to remember for those who worry how to make wood trim look modern and is wood trim coming back in style. Use this contrast and be sure - everything of genius is simple.

To sum up, it should be said that you should certainly pay attention to the wood making everything homely. Wood houses interior, and particularly timber framed kitchens, are comfortable, functional and easy to maintain. And to learn more about how to use wood in interior design, or to visualize your current ideas, there’s a Room Planner App to help you. Use of materials, planning and calculation - all for your creativeness and comfort.

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