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One of the most usual questions when planning a repair in the kitchen is what material the countertop will be made of. There are plenty of materials for countertops to take into consideration, and all of them vary by price and features.

All countertops types materials can be divided into several categories:

  • the most expensive;

  • the least expensive;

  • the most eco-friendly.

This article offers you information according to these categories, and a little more.

The most expensive materials for countertops

It’s logical to assume that the natural stone is the most expensive variant. And high price is defined not only by the quarrying process itself, but also by the requirements for installation. Usually, to get the seamless counter the material needs to be properly prepared and manufactured according to the measurements of your kitchen. Some of the variants are customizable, others are not, but the fact is that most counters of natural stone are not possible to be installed by the owners of a kitchen (of course if they are not the specialists).

Slabs of granite, marble and soapstone are included into this number of materials. They need to be prepared carefully and the owners should provide proper care for these counters to be durable. For example, because of their porous structure they are vulnerable to stains and from time to time you need to seal them to avoid problems with visual effects.

Another material such as quartz has more resistant structure because it's an engineered stone, it has many more variations in colors, and meets more requirements in the deal of custom measurements and designs. Though, it’s no less expensive than natural stones.

Modern kitchen countertops can also be made of stainless steel. You can often see such a counter in some cooking show, with Gordon Ramsay, for example, and this is conditioned by the real comfort about its use. However, it’s a different thing – a professional kitchen or a usual home kitchen, so think twice before you decide. Making a seamless surface of stainless steel costs a lot.

Another metal which can be used for countertop is aluminum. Though, it’s about recycled aluminum, it adds no more than just a visual effect to the surface, and it’s pretty hard to find people who are true certified specialists to manufacture this.

One of the most expensive countertop materials is glass, and almost any glass countertop is extremely expensive. Talking about glass, there are three types of materials for counters: recycled glass slab, recycled glass tile and the whole glass slab. The first and the last points are extremely expensive because of two reasons: it’s rare and it requires special equipment and great knowledge to manufacture such products.

The cheapest material for countertops

Modern countertop materials do not necessarily have to be natural or seamless. There are a lot of alternatives suitable for more modest requirements. And one of the elements of this cheapness can be provided by the DIY approach. If a person wants to make the repair by himself, the one has a good vision of what is wanted and needed, and if the budget is limited, it’s a good idea to use tiles of different kinds.

To make a tile countertop you just need to understand the basic principles of work with this material, and it’s pretty easy to learn about it in the shortest terms. Ceramic or other tile can be of various sizes and this provides more possibilities about the design solutions. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, furthermore they are resistant to heat and damage (of course, if you’re not going to throw everything on it). For those who want to add some value to the design of the kitchen, modular granite and granite tiles are available on the market. They have almost the same specifications as the whole granite slab, but are customizable and easier to install by yourself.

Best materials for kitchen counters include also solid-surface. These countertops are made of ATH, acrylic, epoxy and other resins. Such a structure makes this material more cheap than natural ones, with no loss of functionality and durability. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee for any little scratch to appear, but the repair is possible without the complete replacement.

It also needs to mention another cheap kitchen countertop material, which allows you to choose from many designs and custom needs. Laminate countertops are surfaces where the base is made of a particleboard and the surface itself is covered with a thin printed plastic. It’s affordable and easy to use, though it’s impossible to reach no seams with this solution.

The most eco-friendly counters

The only natural material which makes it really warm in the kitchen is wood. It’s the most universal material wherever you want to apply it, no difference if it’s painted or of natural color. The best kitchen counters can be made even of recycled wood, it still looks stylish and attractive. Though, there is still an option to make the counter out of the whole wood.

The point which deserves a particular attention is the bamboo counter. Bamboo is a natural resource with a very high level of renewability, but it’s pretty rare to use for kitchen countertops, so as a result it’s quite expensive.

Wood is really easy to take care of, but this care has to be really systematic, otherwise there can be a sanitary problem in your kitchen.

If you’re still asking yourself: “what are countertops made of?” and “what material is best for kitchen countertops?”, it’s up to you to enrich your knowledge. But finally, it’s you who decide what is the best material for kitchen counters for your individual case. To make it clearer, the Room Planner App is always available to make your ideas more tangible, so download now and explore!

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