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Your best interior design app

Room Planner

Measure your space, create stunning 2D/3D floor plans, decorate and furnish your interior with world-famous brands, make professional visualizations, and get inspiration from predesigned layouts for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.


The world's favorite interior design app



20 million

downloaded the app


52 000

library models, furniture and decor



145 000

created designs




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It's easy

Use our floor planning software for your renovation, interior design and business needs at all stages of interior design



For a long time, I was looking for such an app where you can create an interior for 10 minutes against 2 months as usually



This app is amazing! It is so fun and helps you a lot if you want to be in the design business, it has a lot of great suggestions and amazing designs you could do, start from scratch, or start with a furnished room, either way, you’ll have fun doing it!



I love love love this app. It’s helped me visualize my future projects and I really appreciate all the work that got put into it!

Create from any device remotely anywhere

Access your app and unleash your creativity from anywhere, using any device. Whether you're on the go or relaxing at home, our app allows you to design and plan with ease, ensuring your vision comes to life no matter where you are.

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Detailed reports for materials and works estimation

When you need to conveniently calculate material costs and discuss deadlines or construction/renovation expenses with builders — detailed reports are the perfect solution to get the job done!


Make your home a reflection of your personality

Find inspiration in thousands of furniture options, curating a space that truly represents you. Mix and match styles, designs, and brands to make your home a sanctuary of self-expression.

2D Plans enable better visualization and understanding of space

Experience better visualization and understanding of your space with 2D plans. Our intuitive 2D plans provide a clear and detailed representation, allowing you to visualize your project with ease.

Explore different layouts, furniture arrangements, and dimensions, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space. Make informed decisions and bring your vision to life confidently with our 2D plans.

Chose your role in creating an interior design

Create stunning interiors

More than 10 million people using Room Planner to create attractive interiors in 3D

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“ It was like having a knowledgeable design expert by my side, offering tailored suggestions and insights. Thanks to this intelligent companion, my space reached new heights of functionality and style."

@ Jessica,
Room Planner user
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"Thanks to the app's detailed guides and tutorials, I was able to learn so much about interior design and make my dream home a reality.”

@ Max, design about blogger,
Room Planner user
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“Using Room Planner, I was able to experiment with different furniture arrangements until I found the perfect fit for my space. It helped me create a layout that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing”.

@ Karen,
Room Planner user
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"The app's room previews brought my ideas to life. I could visualize every detail, from the colors on the walls to the furniture placement. It was like walking through my dream home!"

@ Mark,
Room Planner user

Discover your posibilities with Room Planner

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