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Bath or shower: 3 ideas and tips to get the best of both worlds | Room Planner Blog

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Preparing for repairs it’s always a huge question of what to choose and what would be the most comfortable solution. Furthermore, it all depends on money and on what we can afford, so sometimes the variety of choice is not so big.

Discussing the plumbing and bathroom equipment you’ll never say it’s cheap, so it has to be considered carefully before buying and installing something.

Why there is no need to worry if you can't choose: bath or shower

Of course, the first thing you meet on your way to make a shower room repair is the questions of affordability and space available to install shower or bathtub. Though, if it’s not a problem for you, then it’s up to the questions of comfort and preferences, particularly discussable if it’s about a family deciding what the bathroom will be.

It’s a classic situation when one member of a family likes to take a bath for hours and it’s one’s way to relax a little after a day of hard work. Other members may like taking a shower only, and after all, it’s always handy to have a chance to take a fast shower during the day. The last point is extremely required in hot summer, when it’s enough to go for a short walk to get smelly.

After all, there are many beauty discussions on what’s better to take: tub versus shower. Some say that taking a bath is better, because while you are relaxing physically and mentally, your skin is ‘relaxing’ too, and it’s easier to get rid of all the dirt you carried during the day. Others say that the shower is better, because taking a bath deprives your skin from natural oils of your body and it dries the skin.

Whatever you prefer and whatever you believe, there’s always a way to find a solution which will suit all the requirements.

Separate combination

When you can’t choose one variant of bathtub or shower you can do it another way. There’s a possibility to design the combination in one bathroom with a separate bath and separate shower. This solution is possible for those who have enough space in their bathrooms.

This idea supposes the bath standing closer to the back wall, and the shower closer to the entrance. In this case, the screen or curtain is installed near the shower, and there’s no need for one near the bath. To avoid the dump and appearance of mold, drainage ports should be made, the quantity depends on the space on the floor where water falls.

Designed like this, your bathroom allows you to choose whatever you want, tub or walk in shower, depending on circumstances.

Bathtub & shower

The idea to unify the benefits and features of both solutions is not new. There are many ways to install shower with bath tub, and the most simple is to select baths for showers. As tubs can be variously shaped, you can consult what is the best for you, but what you can do by yourself is to find out how much space you have for the option of bath with shower. In fact, all you need is to make measurements of that rectangle where the tub is supposed to be placed. All the other details of the bath and shower go in vertical, and that’s a great feature to take consideration of, because it helps to save space with little difference in comfort.

The type of screen

Baths with showers is a popular idea, so you can simply find all the details of such construction. One of the most interesting questions is what to choose: glass or plastic screen, or a curtain.

As always these variants have both their advantages and inconveniences. If you talk about a shower curtain, the main advantage is price and ease of installation. You don’t have to be a master to deal with it. Furthermore, the variety of designs available on the market makes it not only easy and cheap, but also beautiful. Though, there’s still one great disadvantage – any curtain is vulnerable to get moldy, so you’ll have to replace it from time to time.

Another modern variation is a glass or plastic screen being mounted to the wall from one side and to the edge of a bath from another. Sometimes it can be fixed to the rakes placed on the edge of the bath and on top of the screen, from one wall to the opposite. The construction is similar to the freestanding walk in shower. In this case the moving sections of the screen protect any water to spray on the floor and other surfaces near the bath. Another type of the screen is the one with the section possible to open like a door, in both directions. It’s up to you to choose the static screen or the moving one.

The only thing to be careful of is the choice of glass or plastic. Glass is a far more dangerous option to use, particularly in families with small children or members which have the musculoskeletal disorders. Plastic and acrylic panels for the screen are more safe from this point of view.

Let’s say that it’s a popular question: “Bathtub or shower which is better?” And there’s always so many discussions on what is objectively more functional, comfortable, economical, safe, etc. The only thing that should be said in terms of this discussion, is that the final decision is up to you only, and if you don’t want to choose between a walk in shower vs tub, there are plenty of possibilities to combine all the best features of the both options. To visualize your ideas and look at how different variations will fit your bathroom, use the Room Planner App, and all your doubts will be eliminated at a moment.

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