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How can mirrors be used for interior design of different areas of the home? Read all about tips and interesting solutions for using mirrors at home on the Room Planner blog.

Types of mirrors for interior design

Mirrors can be used as an element of an infinitely diverse range of décor choices, a fact that has long been recognized by designers. It is the reason some of the most beautiful homes centuries ago and the most stunning modern homes today are united by the use of interior mirrors.

Over time, the design, variety, and purpose of mirrors have evolved and expanded. An interior designer looking for a design mirror today will be spoiled for choice. Here are a few of the most common types of mirrors that work best for interior design.

Plane mirrors - A plane mirror is a basic mirror that can come in a variety of shapes but is usually square, rectangular, circular, or oval. The frame can be thin and plain or elaborate and detailed.

LED mirrors – An LED mirror is one that has LED lights incorporated into its design. These lights are usually placed along the edges of the mirror. LED mirrors are perfect for the bedroom where they can be invaluable for dressing up.

Decorative mirror – Decorative wall mirror designs usually come as a set of several smaller mirrors that can be arranged to form a shape or pattern. They have little value as the traditional use of a mirror but can be visually stunning when set creatively.

Antique mirror – Antique mirrors may or may not actually be antique as the authentic ones can be very expensive. These designs for mirrors usually feature a very elaborate frame. Vintage home interior mirrors may be made of a material such as brass or painted to look that way.

Standalone mirror – A standalone mirror is one that comes with its own stand. These mirrors are almost always a full-length size. While favored for the bedroom to assist in dressing, their size and design can make them a great addition to any room in the home.

Using mirrors in different areas of the home

Mirrors are a very versatile tool for interior decoration and can be an interesting addition throughout the home, and even outside.

Living room mirror ideas

The living room of a home usually contains the most interesting décor pieces. Use your mirror to complement the theme and patterns that already exist. For example, the angular look of a hexagonal home interior mirror will work well with zig-ag upholstery patterns, cubic modern art, or a table that has a similar shape.

Bedroom mirror ideas

A full-length standalone mirror is an almost essential addition to a bedroom. Not only is it the ideal dressing-up companion, the large size makes it a wonderful magnifier of light. Large mirrors can also be used in creative ways, for example, by placing a long mirror on its side above the bed’s headboard.

Bathroom mirror ideas

Those who design mirrors for bathrooms take into account that it is usually windowless. In such areas, a mirror can be used to amplify the light and space. For this, it has to be as large as possible. LED mirrors are perfect above a washbasin to help you with your grooming, whatever the time.

Home interior wall mirrors

Walls are blank canvases and a mirror can be the paint. Huge Victorian-style mirrors can resemble a window, creating an illusion of space and a view in a cramped room or hallway. Want an even more dramatic effect? Design a wall mirror that covers an entire wall. Not only can it visually double the size of the room, it will also brighten it up and create visually-interesting symmetrical effects.

Home exterior mirror ideas

Mirrors do not need to be relegated to inside the home – a garden can also benefit. A mirror can make a tiny gardening area feel bigger and reflect the color of the plants and flowers. It can also be used to reflect light into areas that otherwise do not receive enough sunlight.

Using mirrors to light up the room

One of the first things you earn when working with mirrors is that it invites and magnifies light, which can make the space seem bigger and more inviting. The most important thing to remember is that placement makes all the difference.

The first step is to identify the existing sources of light. This can be a window for natural light or an artificial lighting fixture. The idea is to capture as much of that light as possible and reflect it into the room.

When doing this, consider the size of the mirror; a larger mirror means more light reflection. Think about the placement of the mirror. A mirror placed face-on to the light source may just reflect light straight back but angle it and the light is reflected into the rest of the room.

Interior mirrored doors are fascinating, too, as the angle at which they are opened changes the impact of light in the space.

Useful tips, interesting solutions

Here are some interesting mirror ideas for room to achieve unique results.

· Place a mirror opposite a window or lamp to capture and amplify the light that is already there.

· Choose something interesting to reflect and double the impact of a beautiful work of art.

· Embrace symmetry – reflections of objects placed close to a mirror create lovely new shapes.

· Tap into the unusual by having a wall mirror continue onto the ceiling. The reflection and re-reflections are fascinating.

· Use a series of mirrors, either in a straight line or in an interesting shape to create a vignette of reflections.

· A mirror placed between two large windows is a creative way to link the two light sources and also create a dramatic effect between them.

· Alternatively, choose a window-shaped mirror to give the illusion of another window where none exists.

· Frame design matters – A heavy and elaborate frame can complement some rooms but a thin, dark frame style may be the better solution for a minimalist space.

· Mirrors can be like paintings in that the frame can be as much a conversation piece as what it frames. Explore sunburst, fabric, and textile frames that match the room’s décor.

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