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Some of us really worry about the energy of everything that surrounds us. Energy flow can influence all the spheres of your life – physical and mental. So to protect yourself from such impact being negative because of the disturbed streams of energy, you should know the feng shui rules.

What is feng shui and why it is important

There’s barely any person who hasn't heard the name of feng shui at least once in one’s life. And according to how this term sounds, it would be logical to assume that it’s something of Chinese tradition. But what feng shui really is?

Feng shui belongs to Chinese tradition. It’s an exercise that came from ancient China, which claimed that energy flows through everything in the surrounding environment, just the same as through living beings. The term ‘feng shui’ can be literally translated as ‘wind-water’, elements which according to this traditional practice brought universal energy named Qi through all the places and constructions. So, to make it go through these structures in the proper way, the dwellings and energetically strong places like tombs were oriented depending on these streams.

Initially, the exercise of feng shui was applied to impact more global exterior questions, like the orientation of the whole building before its construction – it was the part of the project. But nowadays, this exercise has become popular to deal with interior solutions. For example, in questions of house layout feng shui can be really useful for you, particularly if you’re planning some repair works. For those who like the features of Chinese stylistics, it would be interesting for you to learn more about feng shui interior designs, which combine the knowledge about the streams of Qi and decoration aspects, which have both symbolic and visual value.

The consideration of the feng shui main points

When you talk about a home feng shui organization, you should take into consideration that there’s no way to talk about the decorations only. To organize your space correctly you should be familiar with all the basic terms and rules. Even if it’s out of your interest, to search for and follow all the finesses of this practice, just have regard to the main points.

The main of them include 4 points:

  1. The use and presence of the elements of nature. There are 5 of them and each should have its representation in a proper zone.

  2. The division into areas named ‘Bagua’. The term means 8 areas which surround you and are the symbolic representation of the main spheres of your life. This point can help you with the feng shui living room layout.

  3. The importance of colors. The direction of the house should be taken into consideration while planning some color-scheme of your interior, as each direction has its symbolic representation by color.

  4. The place which you specify as the commanding position. Usually, it’s a place where you prefer to spend most of your time in some room.

Knowing about how to deal with the aspects mentioned above, you’ll succeed in managing your house Qi flow.

Color decorating with feng shui

The color of walls is the main color of the room which determines the palette of the other colors used in smaller decoration details. First, think about the direction of the house and use corresponding colors or combinations. Then, think about what sphere of your life you want to improve. Each element has its color compliance, and compliance with some sphere of life in accordance with Bagua.

Thus, you can use following shema:

  • strength and cheerfulness – warm orange and red;

  • health and interaction with the closest ones – yellow and brown;

  • money and family relations – green and brown;

  • job and professional growth – blue and black;

  • imagination and opportunities for voyage – gray and white – metal.

The color combinations can be applied in the living room feng shui interior to zone the space and emphasize the accents. It would be a particularly smart solution for large family rooms.

Function of the furniture and mirrors

Implementing the feng shui in the living room means well considered planning of the space. The sofa has the dominant role, so think well about its shape and position. It can be defined as the prominent position, so it should be placed up against the wall and not to meet the entrances lines. If you’re buying a sofa, don’t buy an L-shaped one, because it negatively influences energy. If you already have one, place a plant where the shape has the acute angle to eliminate the negative influence. In general, the main sitting place of the room should have soft edges.

Take care about other sitting places to organize. The feng shui decorating supposes the comfort of being at a place, but sitting on the floor or other improper places is far from comfortable.

Mirrors are another story in feng shui for the living room. The mirror, just like the water surface, reflects and increases greatly the energy that’s reflected. So to use it with profit to your life, it should reflect the places where the good Qi enters the house. That’s correct if you place mirrors to visually enlarge the premise and to illuminate it better, but it shouldn’t reflect a mess or the entrance where a human is standing.

In general, the main thing for anyone who’s interested in the feng shui tradition, is to remember that keeping the house clean and ordered is the key. To reach harmony it’s worth being familiar with the main principles of the feng shui for homes. To learn more about fundamentals of the feng shui by room and to visualize your ideas, download the Room Planner App and push your creativity!

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Sep 07, 2023

Embracing Feng Shui principles in the living room is a brilliant move. Not only does it enhance the energy flow and create a serene environment, but a well-balanced space can also be a selling point if you ever decide to sell your home. This Room Planner Blog post offers invaluable insights!

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