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Which chandelier and how to choose for the living room? | Room Planner Blog

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All the nuances that you need to consider when choosing a chandelier in the living room: shape, height, diameter and preferred materials. Practical advice for the right choice on the Room Planner blog.

What are the main nuances to consider when choosing a chandelier?

The living is the center of activity in most homes and the choice of chandelier can make the difference between setting the right mood, an appropriate level of illumination, and getting the right ‘feel’ of a room.

Before you place a chandelier in the living room, you should understand the main considerations that affect your choice. To begin, ask yourself these questions:

· Does the design of the chandelier for the room in question go with the furnishings and décor?

· Will the light from the chandelier be appropriate for the activities that occur in the room?

· Will the height of the chandelier come in the way of everyday use?

· Does the shape of the chandelier complement the space and size of the living room?

· Is the material of the chandelier appropriate for the décor and the activities that take place there?

When you have the answers to these questions, you will have taken the first step to understanding how to choose a chandelier for the living room. After that, it is simply a matter of setting a budget and then narrowing down the list of chandeliers until you can make the final decision.

How to choose the diameter and height of the chandelier?

Because a chandelier is one of the single largest objects in a prominent place, its dimensions are very important. Choose a chandelier that is too large and it can dominate the interior, distracting attention from the carefully-chosen décor.

Generally, a chandelier for a small living room will be smaller than one for a larger living room. However, there is no need for guesswork when you are trying to calculate the ideal size for this important light fixture.


There is a simple formula for diameter that you can follow:

Room length (in feet) + Room width (in feet) = diameter of chandelier (in inches)

To use an example, let’s say that your living room is 22 feet long and 14 feet wide.


22+14 = 36

So, the diameter of a chandelier for this living room would be 36 inches or 3 feet.

This is not a rigid rule that must be followed. Rather, it is a good starting point to the approximate size of chandelier for room.

Remember also that a chandelier is about lighting. So, if your chandelier is not centered on the entire room but only a particular seating area, estimate the size of the area that you want it to illuminate.

Let’s say we are placing a chandelier in one part of the large room above. The area that we want lit up is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide.

In that case, the formula will give us:


Now, the diameter of the chandelier will be 24 inches or 2 feet.


After finding the recommended diameter, we have to gauge the height of the chandelier. This refers to the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the chandelier when it is installed.

First, measure the height of the room. The simple formula for chandelier height is:

2.5 times room height (in feet) to 3 times room height (in feet) = height range of chandelier (in inches)

For a room with a ceiling 8 feet high, this gives us:

(2.5x8) to (3x8) = 20 to 24

The height range of the appropriate chandelier would be between 20 and 24 inches.

Note, these formulas are relevant even if you are wondering what size chandelier is for bedroom. However, always keep in mind that these are suggestions and not fixed rules. When you think about how to choose chandelier, remember to account for practical situations and ensure that nobody bumps their heads on a hanging fixture.

The shape of the chandelier in the living room

Most chandeliers are circular and that classic shape works well with almost any room. Modern chandelier designs have diversified greatly, with square, oval and triangular chandeliers designed to catch the eye.

However, more important is the shape of the cross-section, i.e., what shape you see when you look at a chandelier from the side. Your choice should account for the activities that happen in the room. Chandeliers with elaborate hanging details can come in the way of activity in the room so opt for flatter bottoms if your living room is a hotbed of action.

If you have an object or piece of furniture directly below the chandelier, think about the power of optics. A symmetrical or mirror-image view can be intriguing. For example, if a chandelier has a triangular shape – narrow on top and flaring outwards at the bottom, a table with a triangular base under it can create a visually stunning effect.

An overly-elaborate chandelier can detract from the décor and color of a room. If you have works of art and other interesting pieces, choose interior design chandeliers with a relatively basic outline. This leaves the light from the chandelier to brighten the space without overwhelming the display of creativity inside.

Large chandeliers can also affect the air circulation and ventilation in a room. This is especially important when you have a chandelier that has many small lights that generate heat. Newer designs that use LED lights are one way around this problem.

Materials for the chandelier

The material a chandelier is made of affects the illumination, the reflections, and the vibe of a room. Traditional glass crystal and metal are the most popular chandelier decorating choices for living rooms.

However, shiny aluminum and plastic are gaining fans in homes with modern or futuristic décor. Children’s spaces can be decorated with chandeliers made of cloth, rice paper, and wood.

Materials also affect color so you have to consider the color of the lights. Warm yellow or cool blue? Each option works better with some materials than others.

Finally, when choosing chandelier material, consider the furniture and style of the room. When all the fittings complement the décor, it creates a harmonious space that welcomes whoever steps inside.

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