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Do you need aquariums in small apartments and how to place them in your home? Practical tips for placing and caring for aquariums to create a spectacular interior detail on the Room Planner blog.

Aquarium designs - a spectacular interior detail

There are virtually infinite pieces of creative art and craft that you use to add a touch of wonder to your home. However, a design aquarium is perhaps the most spectacular of all. Not only can it be one of the most stunningly beautiful additions to any room but it introduces living, breathing life into the space, too.

Of course, there are bird cages and terrariums that also house animals but none comes close to the serene beauty of a well-designed and maintained aquarium. Part of its appeal has to deal with our affinity for the beauty of water, and how its multiple hues and reflections seem to give it a life of its own. The serenity of fish also has a calming effect on the people who live in the home.

There is a very wide range of aquarium designs ideas, and they can be applied to homes of all sizes and different décor styles. You can have an aquarium in apartment, even if it is just a studio flat.

Creating a striking effect with aquarium interior design ideas is a multi-faceted exercise. There is obviously the tank structure itself but what goes inside is more important. The setup of the underwater environment with sand, gravel, plants, and coral is enhanced by decorative and functional pieces such as water filtration and oxygenation systems.

Placement of the aquarium in the house

An aquarium is a hub of peace and tranquility, and will exude these qualities into the people in its vicinity. However, it can only embody those qualities if it is placed in the most conducive location. Here are some things to look out for when you are deciding where to place it.

Safety must always be the first priority. An aquarium should be placed somewhere where it cannot be tipped over, does not come in the way of foot traffic, and so that it cannot be damaged by activity around it.

From the technical side, many fish enthusiasts talk about the dimensions of their fish tanks but sometimes forget to also consider weight. Water is surprisingly heavy and a column between 60 cm to 80 cm (23.6 in to 31.5 in) in height will hit the load limit of 600-800 kg/m2 (123-164 psf) of a conventional home ceiling.

When you consider the weight of your aquarium, remember to include the weight of the frame, the glass, the stand or table, and other attached accessories as well.

Avoid placing your aquarium in a spot where direct sunlight falls on it. There are two problems associated with sunlight on an aquarium. Firstly, it accelerates the growth of algae, which makes maintenance a hassle. Secondly, it increases the temperature of the water, which can cause adverse reactions in your fish.

Some home owners confuse the human need for sunlight with fish. Fish do need light but it does not have to be sunlight. It can be light from light fittings in the room or a lamp attached directly to the aquarium.

Some very interesting aquarium designs suspend it from the ceiling, giving observers unique views of the ecosystem from several angles. While the aquarium interior design is pleasing to the eye, this can be distressing for the fish inside. They need dark and quiet areas as they withdraw to these places to rest.

Place your aquarium on a solid surface and, if possible, with at least one side against a wall as well.

Lastly, fish need peace and quiet just as much as we do. Avoid placing your aquarium near sources of loud sounds such as entertainment system speakers, or noise and vibration such as washers and driers.

Care of different types of aquariums

The type of aquarium you own, as well as the kind of fish that live inside determine the level of care it requires.

The simplest design, favored by novice tank owners and busy individuals, is a self-cleaning aquarium. These devices are usually pricey and have a multi-stage filtration system that oxygenates the water and stabilizes the environment. With a good system, all you have to do is change the filter every few weeks.

A basic closed-top aquarium interior decoration design is perhaps the easiest and cheapest to maintain manually. Because it is covered from all sides, there is little chance of dirt and contaminants entering the water. The top covering also blocks sunlight, which prevents algae growth.

At the other extreme are tanks built into furniture or aquarium wall in house. It is almost impossible for the average person to clean an enclosed interior design aquarium wall themselves. If you invest in such a home aquarium interior design, you will also have to invest in professional tank cleaning services later.

Another essential factor to consider is whether it is a freshwater or saltwater tank. Each type of water affects the aquarium interior differently, with the buildup of grime usually faster with saltwater.

Rules for placing aquariums and useful tips

An aquarium should ideally be placed in an area that sees a large proportion of activity every day. You get the best value out of your aquarium this way.

Remember that an aquarium, like any body of water, increases the humidity in its vicinity as water evaporates. It may not be the ideal accessory to place in the bedroom if the weather is already humid. You can get past this issue by using a dehumidifier.

Many home owners consider the kitchen to be the best place for an aquarium. It can be, but only if it is not placed too close to any source of heat, and if there is no danger posed by the water in terms of electricity.

Most people settle on the living room as the place for their aquarium. This is a safe choice as the lounge is almost always a hub of activity in the home. It also allows you to showcase your wonderful collection of fish and beautiful tank to guests and visitors.

If you have never used an aquarium as a decorative piece of décor for your home or office, it can be intimidating to try it for the first time. TheRoom Planner App can help you navigate the ins and outs of this feature. Download and use it for free and discover tips and tricks to create your own underwater wonderland.

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