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3 Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

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The designs for a living room is the heart and business card of your home. This is where the whole family and a guest gathers in the evenings to relax on the couch under the throw and spend time together. Therefore, the living room design should be carefully designed, taking into account all the nuances and major trends to make it a statement.

This is not easy to do because the living room is often combined with other functional areas. In small apartments it can also be a bedroom; for those who work from home - office; in the studio - dining room. Therefore, the modern living rooms design should be chosen taking into account not only the wishes of the owners in terms of style but also depending on what function the room will perform. You can invest a little more money to make it feel even cozier by getting neutral organic wallpaper.

Interior Design Ideas for Living Room: Features

There are many ways of designing the living room. Designer and founder offer projects made in both classic and unusual styles. However, some trends are followed by all experts. Read them below:

  • Lots of light - today's modern living room is a room that receives a lot of natural light. A large or panoramic window is often installed for this great purpose.

  • Space - now it is almost impossible to find a living room with different screens and partitions. This is because, in addition to sunlight, the room must also circulate air. If you own a small space, try combining it with a kitchen. The idea of ​​a studio apartment has been relevant for many years because it creates the illusion of expanding the area.

  • Minimalism - several decades ago, it was fashionable to have a large sofa, a fireplace, sideboards, and TV or book cabinets in the rooms. In addition, various decorative elements were used - statuettes piece of art, luxurious paintings, and long massive curtains. But a few years ago, the concept of minimalism in the interior came. This is one of the most common living room designs to create in 2022.

  • Environmental friendliness - use as many items made of natural wood and textiles as possible.

  • Light shades - also, as well as plenty of light, decorating the ceiling and walls with a light color will help to visually enlarge the room.

In addition, with such a base, a variety of bright accents look good, which can be changed at will and in the mood.

Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas: Styles

Today, designers always offer to decorate ideas for living room design, following a single bold style. Fortunately, there are so many that any customer is easily identified with the main motives that will be present in the living room. All of them have been relevant for several years and will not lose this property for many years. Let's take a closer look at which living room interior styles are considered the most popular.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian motifs are most common in design idea for living room. And for good reason - this style has many features that meet the criteria for a modern living room. Among the main characteristics of the Scandinavian living room design ideas:

  • plenty of sunlight - do not close the windows with thick curtains, think about additional lighting;

  • light wall decoration;

  • black spruce with texture and shape;

  • as a decor: textiles, posters, figurines;

  • geometric and abstract motifs in the design of space;

  • open space: the living room should not be crowded with furniture, it is important to be comfortable to move from room to room;

  • use of natural materials in decoration and furniture, including upholstery from natural fabrics.

It gives a concise design that will provide the owners of the house and their guests with a comfortable stay.


The second most popular in recent years is the loft-style.

How to think about the interior design of the living room? Use several tricks:

  • brickwork - can be present on one accent wall or all walls, both rough brickwork, and its imitation, for example, from gypsum cardboard are allowed;

  • open communications: wiring and pipes can become part of the living room decor;

  • minimum furniture;

  • lighting fixtures in the form of floodlights or lanterns;

  • natural materials: wood logs, concrete screeds, etc.

For a long time it was considered an exclusively masculine, too brutal version of the organization of the room, but today it is able to prove its versatility.

Interior Living Room Design Ideas in a Classic Style

The classic style is perfect for decorating the living room. Among the main features of a modern living room in the classic style are:

  • natural materials in decoration and furniture: wood, linen, silk, glass;

  • living room design in a classic style prefers warm beige shades, gold tones, accents in the form of darker (blue, emerald, burgundy) colors;

  • the luxurious and original item of furniture and decor with stucco, carvings, and glass inserts;

  • main lighting fixture - glass or crystal chandelier;

  • numerous textiles: thick massive curtains, tablecloths on the table, pillows on sofas and armchairs, carpets;

  • floral motifs in ornaments.

Of course, it will be more appropriate in large rooms, but even if you have a small space, you can easily add luxurious and expensive elements to the interior.

The Best Design Ideas for a Living Room

To finally decide which living room interior design to choose, you need to not only study all the information but also view photos and videos of live projects. This is not only a portion of inspiration but also a moment of observation that will allow you to make the right decision.

You can design the living room yourself - the main thing is to decide on the interior style and shades. This is a versatile room that can serve as a gathering place for guests and a study, play area, or bedroom. Start from the purpose of space to get not only a stylish but also a cozy, practical living room in the apartment. Download the Room Planner App to plan your perfect living room and change your ideas before the process of repair.

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