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Almost every apartment has separate living rooms, so the residents of the house are trying to somehow highlight this area, it is more interesting to arrange it. Even in the smallest living room, there are a lot of opportunities for interior design. At the same time, you should use some nuances that allow you to expand the space. The Room Planner blog presents the best ideas for a small living room in this article.

Specifics of Small Living Rooms Ideas

Modern ideas for the design of a small living room allow you to not be limited in the choice of colour, paint, and decor elements. Even in rooms of modest size, you can make the interior cozy and comfortable to ensure a full vacation for every household. The idea for the interior design of a small room is characterized by numerous light tones and filling in the form of compact furniture with a transformation. An important feature of the interior is the fact that the situation can be overloaded.


A feature of the interior of a small living room is the presence of many light sources. It must have artificial lighting fixtures. There must be no sharp contrasts and contradictions. The lines should be smooth and concise.

Unnecessary Decor

In small living room ideas for apartments, where the living area does not exceed 15 meters, the hall should not have unnecessary decor items. It is better not to cover the walls with:

  • paintings;

  • photographs.

Because these details overload the interior. It is necessary to select only light and natural materials for furniture and window decoration.

Patterns Instead

To add zest to the design you need to use a trick:

  • interesting geometric patterns;

  • abstractions.

The smaller the print, the bigger the room.


At processing use such methods which allow extending the room upwards or in length depending on its concrete form. A feature of finishing long narrow rooms is the use of narrow vertical stripes on the walls, square rooms are decorated with wallpaper in a longitudinal wide strip. However, the strips can raise or lower the ceiling. The contrast between adjacent bands should not be too obvious.

Functional Furniture

In ideas for a small living room in apartment, it is customary to use comfortable and functional furniture that will save space. When dividing a small hall into zones, do not use partitions and screens. Installation of glass and mirror furniture elements is possible. Also, properly placed mirrors expand the space and provide high-quality light that will be on hand.

Styles in the Small Living Room Apartment Ideas

Carrying out repairs in the apartment or house, you can decorate the living room in almost any style, despite its small size. The interior of such a room is often recommended to arrange in a classic style, for example, you can arrange small living room ideas with a tv. It can be light, and elegant, without overloading the room, and will look neat. This is especially true of small rooms with an area of not more than 11 square meters.

Classics involve the use of a neutral shade and calm colors without contrast. The majority of the materials utilized are natural. However, this does not preclude the addition of new technology advances to the living room's interior design. Chandeliers and wall lamps are better to choose from crystal or glass. The small living rooms decorating ideas should be filled with white light.


Elegant furniture on carved legs looks very good. For its facades, it is better to choose a classic beige or ivory. The inside can be decorated with stucco and graceful arches, as well as ceilings with many levels. This is the only choice for a decor idea for small living room that allows for the use of heavy curtains with drapes and extra embellishments such as holders or exquisite ribbons.

One of the walls can be decorated with a beautiful work of art, it may not be a picture, but patterns painted by the master on the entire height of the wall. Everything in the interior should be beautiful and symmetrical.


The complete opposite is the decor ideas for a small living room in a modern style. New stylistic trends include graphic lines and functional materials, some of which may be artificial. Living rooms in a modern style can resemble an office setting, although they will be simple. You can smooth out such an interior with soft pillows, rugs, and home blankets. Such a room can be furnished with flat, but large appliances, as well as transformed furniture.


The romantic Provence decorative ideas for small living room is the next most popular style for tiny living rooms. It has a pastoral and French feel about it. The presence of lace trim on the drapes and furniture, as well as a significant number of plant and flower motifs, make this a delicate design stylish environment. The space should be filled with delicate furniture and decor in peach, pink, beige, and gray.

Elegant chests of drawers, furniture on high legs, and a fireplace with a bright facade complete the space. Vases and porcelain are used as decorations. Light colors open up the area and bring a sense of freshness to the decor. You may decorate the space with fresh flowers, which will be the focal point of the decor. This is an excellent gifting choice.


Modern ideas for small space living room are increasingly used in a loft style, even though it provides free space. In this case, the interior is simply not cluttered with lots of furniture and storage systems. You can put only a small sofa, a few soft poufs, bags, and make light open shelves.

Also, black shades in the interior can be used in spots, mainly in decorative items. These can be thin picture frames, wall clocks, or floor lamps. Black gloss will fit into almost any modern small living room ideas. You can buy a coffee table with this design.

So, you decide which of the styles you like the most. All styles that were mentioned above can be used in your small living room. Download the Room Planner App now to have a look at it first before the real living room transformation.

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May 26, 2023

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