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Have you noticed that in spacious rooms, it is even easier to breathe? So it is not surprising that many are thinking about how to expand the space in the area with the help of flooring ideas for living room.

In this article, we will talk about how to visually enlarge a small room. Also, you can download the Room Planner App to bring the underfloor and see how it can expand the space. The following tricks and tricks will help create a real optical illusion.

Ideas for Living Room Flooring: Game of Colors

The interiors of fashion designers look so exciting because professionals know what color visually enlarges the room. The general advice for the choice of the tile living room floors ideas and a color scheme - prefer light pastel shades.

The ceiling is usually painted white. If you have a stretch ceiling, look at glossy materials. The reflective surface will visually increase the height of the walls.

The light coating of the walls and floors perfectly reflects the sun's rays and is suitable for any interior style. But do not stop solely on the white wall.

What Wallpaper Enlarges the Room?

Use cool colors: purple, blue, green, blue. Instead of bright shades, prefer pastel tones. Smooth monochrome or finely patterned wallpaper will visually enlarge the room. Large drawings and textures on individual walls will help to visually change the geometry of the room.

To visually lengthen a small room, decorate the opposite walls in lighter colors than the adjacent ones. Light wallpaper will make the room more spacious, and a vertical stripe will visually raise the low ceiling.

If you are looking for a solution on how to make a long, narrow room visually wider - use the game of contrasts. Finish the far walls with colors that are darker or brighter than the finishes. Wallpaper with horizontal stripes will expand the walls.

How to Visually Enlarge a Room with Floor Ideas for Living Room?

Use glossy coatings such as glossy laminate, and parquet board with a shiny surface.

Be careful with carpets: matte piles, large pattern, and texture steal lightness and space. A solid carpet or a smooth rug with a small merging ornament is better for a cramped room. A popular and effective trick is to use strips. It can be a print on linoleum or a certain laying of parquet and laminate.

How to Put Laminate to Enlarge the Room?

The laying of square panel modules at an angle of 45°, and also laying on a diagonal, looks most favorably.

Avoid longitudinal stacking, especially in long, narrow spaces. The solution to the problem of how to lay laminate in a long room will be the transverse location of the dice.


The color of the surface of the canvas and the box should not contrast with the color of the walls. To expand the space in a small room for interior doors, choose light materials, complemented by glass or mirror inserts.

By making the doorway high, you will see how the ceiling will visually become higher and expand the space in the apartment.

The space of a sliding door is well saved. They free up a couple of square meters that would be occupied by a hinged open mechanism.

Abandon the classic design in favor of an original idea. Do not put the door at all! The arch will be an ideal solution, as expanding the space in a small room is the easiest way to save space.


Light correction can change the room beyond recognition. See in practice how these simple rules help to visually expand the room:

  • To widen a long, narrow corridor, place several sconces along with one of the walls. You can also install several lamps on the ceiling, directing the light on long walls.

  • To raise the ceiling, use upward-facing wall lights or uniform spotlighting.

  • If the ceilings in the apartment are low - choose minimalist stylish lamps.

If the ceiling height is above 2.5 meters, look at the bizarre massive chandeliers and hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. The three-dimensional, airy model will visually raise the ceiling.

Floor lamps are a great option for compact apartments, they visually enlarge a small room and create a cozy atmosphere. Illuminate every dark corner of the room. Any additional lighting point adds comfort and space.

How to Visually Expand the Space, Using Only Furniture and Appliances?

Do not clutter the room. Let only the furniture, you need, remain in it. Get rid of extra poufs, chairs, and cabinets - minimalism adds air to the interior.

Arrange the furniture along the walls. Do not place a sofa or table in the middle of a small room - such zoning will steal valuable space.

Choose furniture with legs. Furniture with a base of wood or upholstered fabric gives the interior bulk. You can feel the light, soaring surface, choose models with "legs". Choose laconic furniture, without carved patterns and three-dimensional elements.

Pay attention to the models-transformers. When unfolded, the furniture performs its usual functions, and if necessary, folds compactly, freeing up square meters. Get a small round table instead of a rectangular one. Sharp corners visually delimit the room, making it tight.

It is better to store small kitchen appliances in a closed cabinet, rather than insight. The accumulation of coffee makers, toasters, and electric kettles visually only clutters the kitchen.

Curtains, textiles, accessories

Choose light window textiles from translucent air fabrics. Curtains can be collected with an accordion and reach the floor, and the cornice can be under the ceiling.

Remove the tablecloth from the table. Carpets on the walls are also undesirable in cramped apartments. Tall fresh flowers in glossy pots fill the house with air and comfort.

Replace the scattering of small paintings with one large canvas. Another option is to place a few small pictures or photos in a close-fitting frame, creating an overall composition.

Replace massive wooden cabinets with elegant shelves. Located along the wall, they will expand the room. Vertically mounted shelves will visually raise the low ceiling.

Do not clutter shelves and horizontal surfaces with statuettes, or souvenirs. Leave some of the most valuable for you or those that fit harmoniously into the interior. It is better to hide the rest of the accessories.

By following these simple tips, you will see how easy it is to visually expand the space of the room.

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