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What's new - release 9.7.2

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Living room | Room Planner
Living room

New textures arrived!

We've added new sections to the textures menu like stone, fabric, other with a lot of new materials.

  • In the finishes, we've added classic wall moldings textures and plaster, metallic & art finish textures by Italian brands Novacolor, CAP Arreghini, and San Marco.

  • Also, we've updated the catalog of wallpapers adding interesting patterns from the Russian Alltowall wallpaper brand.

  • We've added a lot of new tiles by Decoratori Bassanesi, Appiani, Ceramica Vogue, LB. Wooden parquet by Diesel and Berti.

  • And for sure all the necessary textures, like metal, colored glass, paintings, etc, etc.

How to find new textures?

Just click to the item you want to recolor, scroll the color menu, and click to More colors. If it's a covering (wall, floor, or ceiling) click to the color menu and Color icon.

Wall color | Room Planner
Wall color

And don't forget that you can change textures scale and angle, and upload your own custom textures.

Texture rotation | Room Planner
Texture rotation
Texture scale | Room Planner
Texture scale
Choose from Gallery | Room Planner
Choose from Gallery

Explore and enjoy new textures!

What else?

We've updated the catalog with Ikea and Ashley rugs & paintings and also Ikea furniture.

Pictures | Room Planner

What's next?

We plan to launch a new portfolio functionality and some special features that will help designers to work on design projects.

See you soon! Room Planner team.

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