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What's new - release 10.45

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New features

  • 2D Cut Outs Feature Upload your own photo to an interior. Just pick your photo and Room Planner automatically will remove a background. You can also add plants, pets, furniture and decor as 2D object. Catalog - Decoration - 2D Cut Outs - Choose from Gallery

2D Cut Outs | Room Planner
2D Cut Outs
Cut Out Import | Room Planner
Cut Out Import
  • New models We've added a lot of new models by your requests: plants, beds, room decor, candles, vases, books, mirrors,etc. Check section New Arrivals.

New Arrivals | Room Planner
New Arrivals

Coming soon

We are constantly working on improving an app and we plan to launch 3D models import very soon. If you have a furniture store and would like to test new functionality contact us to

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