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What's new - release 10.56

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Catalog Update

  • Updated search engine

  • New filters: Stairs, Sideboards, Pets, Storage, Home Appliances

  • New sections Window sills, Shutters, Pipes, Spa, Sauna, Hanger, Shoe storage, Kitchen storage, Bathroom storage

  • Updated sections: Storage, Decor, Dining, Mirrors, Fireplaces, etc

  • New Brands: Kare, Pier 1, Rug Source


  • "Favorites" section in the catalog. Now you can add here your favorite items

Catalog interface | Room Planner
Catalog interface

Go to Catalog - Favorites

Catalog interface | Room Planner
Catalog interface

Furniture item | Room Planner
Furniture item
  • Product link function

Interior visualization | Room Planner
Interior visualization

  • "As seen in" function Now you can get a full information about the project just clicking a picture! Go to Gallery of ready designs - Pick a nice photo - Click the item - Click Product name and choose more interesting designs in the suggestions

  • Add from Gallery function You can add your own pieces of furniture or decor from a photo. Now it does not require authorization and is available to all users

  • When replacing one window with another, the dimensions and position of the window will be saved (if the exact dimensions were entered through the dialog)

  • "Apply to the whole room" button for curtains

  • Corrected the zoom behavior in the 360 view mode to make it more smooth and less sensitive

  • Improved the mechanism for hiding objects that interfere with the view when navigating inside the editor

  • "Climb Up" function for stairs. You can click it and switch to the next level

Bug fixes

  • When selecting a window in 2D plan mode, the distances to the edges of walls or other windows were not shown, and it was difficult to position the window

  • Fixed some drugging items bugs

  • Sign in bug with the lost avatars

  • Bugs with a projects with a large number of images

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Dec 24, 2021

Look forward to see more!

Dec 27, 2021
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