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What's new - release 9.6.9

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Beach house | Room Planner
Beach house

Yes, we did it!

We get so many requests from you about additional floors and some of you even tried to create floors using our 'constructions'. You have waited for so long and now we've launched the floor editor!

Thank you for your patience.

Enjoy the new feature and have fun creating new stunning interiors!

How to add a new floor?

1. Go to the catalog and find an item - 'Add Level' to create a new floor.

Add Level  | Room Planner
Add Level

2. Name a new floor.

Level Name | Room Planner
Level Name

3. Manage floors and edit them. At the top left corner, you can find the floor menu. Tap it to switch the floor.

Change Level | Room Planner
Change Level

We are planning to add a Portfolio page in the next big update. Please do not hesitate to send us feedback to support mail.

And don't forget to share with us your interior designs on Instagram. We wish you all the best with your interiors!

With love and care, your Room Planner Team.

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