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5 Really Cool Modern Basement Ideas

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The basement gives us great opportunities - because it is extra space to use! You can plan to include cool storage, an additional bedroom, or any other option. Consider how to develop it, what to put in it (built-in fireplace, ceiling, tile, lighting, stair case) and which option to choose. Basement - how to decorate this room to enjoy the best effects? Advice!

Laundry and dryer, or vice versa - a second room, a game room, a cozy movie theater, a spare bathroom, or a cabinet under the glass staircase? A workshop or an equipped perfect pantry? Before planning to build the basement, we must determine its purpose and functions to be performed.

You can create implement different ideas in your basement. Here are some of them:

  • leisure room;

  • gym;

  • gaming room;

  • laundry;

  • additional bedroom.

Basements Ideas: Small but Comfortable

Remember that even a small, fairly cramped DIY basement downstairs in an apartment building must be functional and with an idea. After all, this is extra space that we can use freely.

Much depends on the design, size of the basement, and the conditions prevailing in it. The temperature here is usually slightly lower than in living quarters, so you need to forget about a small gym or drying room. However, we successfully combine the other two main functions: the pantry and the warehouse.

Near the wall (preferably outside - due to the lower temperature prevailing here) set stable and durable open work sliding building shelves, on which you can drop cans. Let's divide them into sweet and dry and sort them by date of manufacture. Let's check what other foods that we do not eat every day can be transferred to the basement of the apartment. It is good to have a separate shelf for wine and install a box for cold-loving vegetables, which should not be stored in the refrigerator, such as potatoes. You can even make an arch for it. Racks will also be useful for storing items that do not fit in the apartment, souvenirs, or seasonal clothing. It is best to place them in plastic containers with lids.

Arrangement of the Basement Interior Design Ideas

As for the basement renovation of the house, we usually have much wider options for arrangement. We have much more space - in a large area, we can successfully implement one or more independent functions, especially in the case of several rooms.

To make the use of the basement convenient and comfortable, we must also think about effective insulation, efficient heating, and ventilation. Also keep in mind that the basement of the workshop will use a completely different aesthetic, and different when we equip it with an additional living room. The function of the floor will also affect the finishing materials used here.

Design Ideas for a Basement: Warehouse and Workshop

Almost every basement acts as a warehouse. We store all items, tools, accessories, and devices that may or may not be on the floor - we use them sporadically, as well as quite problematic in the work. Properly selected shelves, hooks, and hangers will allow a safe and comfortable season for the mower, garden tools, patio furniture, and the second set of car tires.

It is also worth arranging a workshop in the basement of the house. We need a desk (also known as a garage desk). You should choose a piece of furniture with a second, lower tabletop, toolboxes, and add features such as a vise. In addition, we need shelves, racks, and a table with hooks on which we can hang the most necessary tools.

Ideas for Basement Design: Laundry and Drying Room

Let's be inspired by American movies, where houses are beautiful, well organized, and equipped with separate washing and drying room. Basement laundry will ensure that the noise of the washing machine and dryer will not disturb household members - we will be able to take care of laundry even during one of the sleepless nights. In addition to basic equipment, let's install hanging dryers for laundry, shelves for detergents, baskets for dirty laundry, and we will find a place to store freshly ironed laundry.

Gym in the Basement

The presented solutions are one of the most popular. Let us remember, however, that necessity is an invention and a driver of change. So, if we are sports fans and constantly put physical activity into our weekly schedule, we may be tempted to create a well-equipped, functional gym in the basement.

Our needs and curriculum dictate the range of necessary equipment and accessories. We choose devices and machines with the desired form of activity in mind. If we value strength training, we need dumbbells and a kettle, and if we prefer yoga or stretching, we need rugs, balls, and rubber bands. Here it is good to install a mirror, thanks to which we can control the correctness of our posture during exercise.

Basement Design Ideas: Home Seating Area

There is nothing to stop you from taking a step further in the arrangement of the basement and creating an entertainment area in it, a kind of continuation of a representative part of the interior. Let's implement those functions for which there was not enough space on the first floor, and which we more or less openly dream of: a movie theater with a projector and a special sound system, a PlayStation game room for a kid, or an atmospheric meeting place with a bar and a pool table.

Small rooms will have to be limited to one or two of the most important sites. The decoration of the basement hall can be complemented by a cozy fireplace and a woodshed. They look especially colorful in rooms decorated in the now popular style of chalets. The room's furnishings are reminiscent of a holiday home that is lost in the Alps, away from the bustling world. Chalet loves a lot of wood, animal skins (their imitation), brown-honey color scheme.

Of course, the alpine style is difficult to implement without the presence of panoramic windows overlooking the mountains, but they are compensated by false panels and numerous lamps of simple shapes. The fireplace is an integral part of the chalet. It is decorated with masonry or brick, and the fire door is decorated with intricate elm or ornaments, which are reflected in the decoration of walls and textiles. Note that the patterns should not be too many, the monotony of the chalet prevails. You can download the Room Planner App to visualize your perfect ideas for the basement to remodel.

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