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12 Home Bar Ideas That Will Make You Happy

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Bar aesthetics are enchanting with cozy twilight, quiet music, pleasant company (and maybe its absence), and favorite cocktails. But you don't have to go somewhere or have a high-end butler to have such a relaxing, lovely nook because you can organize a bar just at home, in your living room.

There are so many impressive ways to do it. It can be enough to repurpose your old standalone shelving or a dresser into a perfect corner or built-in bar. If you have been thinking about creating a sleek home bar next to the painting in your pantry for a long time but do not know what to do and where to start, our article will add an idea on how to create a home bar.

Bar Accessories

The set of auxiliary accessories for the home bar is tiny - you do not need to buy the entire thematic department. But there are essential things without which it is impossible to imagine making the most popular cocktails. What is included in this set?


An indispensable tool for making cocktails using the shake method. There are two types of shakers: Boston and European. It is easier to use the second one for the bar ideas for home. The European shaker consists of a glass, mirror base, a lid with a strainer, and a protective cap. And for a novice bartender - this is the most convenient option.

Bar Spoon

The bar spoon performs several functions. First, thanks to the feature of the elongated handle, it is the main tool for making cocktails by steer (mixing ingredients with ice in a mixing bowl) or builds (the same, only the cocktail is prepared directly in the serving glass). Secondly, it is needed for the preparation of layered cocktails, the most popular of which are:

  • "B-52";

  • "Hiroshima";

  • "ABC" and others.

Third, an additional tool is usually provided at the back of the bar spoons. It can be a madler for kneading mint or bittered sugar or a small fork for easy transfer of citrus slices.


A liver is a measuring container that is needed to accurately measure cocktail ingredients. After all, the right proportion of components is the key to the taste of the drink. Jigers are usually made of metal and have two sizes. The most common volumes are 20/40 ml, 25/50 ml, and even more - 30/60 ml.

In principle, you can use other measuring containers instead: a measuring cup or even ordinary stacks, if you know their exact volume. But the jig is easier to work with, and some still have a measuring scale on the inside.


Madler is a pestle for warming up sugar, herbs (usually mint), berries, and fruits. Madler will be needed to make cocktails such as "Mint Julep", "Mojito", "Old fashioned", "Caipirinha" and others. The Madeleine handle may be made of stainless steel, but the tip is usually made of plastic to avoid oxidation of the products. If you choose a spoon with a madler on the back, most likely, you will not need a separate accessory.

Corkscrew or Sommelier Knife

To quickly deal with a wine cork, do not do without a corkscrew. Today, there are several varieties: classic spiral, lever (popularly "women's", because the design and paint significantly reduce the effort), and recently there are electric, which can open the bottles at the touch of a button. Another practical option for a corkscrew is a sommelier or waiter knife. It usually includes not only the corkscrew itself but also a knife for the convenient cutting of labels from any bottle and a beer opener.

Top 12 Ideas for a Home Bar

Here is a list of the top 12 ideas for a bar at home that you will love.

Bar with a Message Inside

The interior decoration ideas for home bars with gold leaves symbolize the value of the contents. And to all who dare to encroach on these treasures, leave a terrible message.

Bar Cabinet in the Wall

Distract from the contents of your bar with beautiful, custom-made wooden color doors. So that they look and feel like an independent work of art.

Functional Bar Cabinet

Also, you may prefer not so much a spectacular but a functional bar cabinet - it has space for utensils and appliances, as well as wine shelves.

Pedestal Bar Cabinet

You can recreate the bar cabinet in a pedestal on which iconic things will rise the overall interior.

Open Rack

The beverage rack can be part of an ensemble - a bar and chairs, as in the Munich apartment.

Shelf Open rack

An ordinary pedestal can be converted into a bar: just place a couple of wine shelves inside, and hang a slate board over the pedestal, as in bars.

Drink Cart

The trolley can also be a great alternative to a full-fledged bar. For example, some models are used in restaurants and hotels, with many sections and drawers. Such a mini-bar for the house can be made with your own hands.

Bar Cabinet-Ship

Well, a real sea wolf will fit a cabinet-ship, on the deck of which you can place utensils, and in the lower compartment - alcohol supplies. It will not be easy to pass such a bar.

Bar Cabinet with Spacious Doors

Cabinet doors can act as additional shelves for storage. And the slate board with current discounts on cocktails will be responsible for creating the right atmosphere.

Stylish Bar Cabinet

If a bar is planned in the room, the interior design must take into account its presence. Even boards and iron from an old court can inspire the creation of a bar cabinet. An overly brutal look can be diluted with a fun bar stool or a vintage advertising poster.

Cabinet From Wine Boxes

The atmosphere of the bar can be created with the help of accessories - a cabinet made of boards from wine boxes and a container for wine corks.

Antique Cabinet

This cabinet can be made in the mid-century style. It is decorated with carvings with a biblical story, with Adam and Eve in paradise, which did not deter the owner of the apartment to place a bar in it.

Of course, when it comes to creating a home bar, it is not necessary to cool the space for "cocktail leisure" - put a bar, high chairs, wine cabinet, and everything in that spirit. If you are not sure about bar ideas for homes yet, download the Room Planner App to try the design you like. If there is a desire to take it seriously, then you have the cards in hand. But you can do it with less change and costs.

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