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Black and white interior and its combinations

Black and white interior design in an apartment - what are its features and advantages? What is the role of each color? Read about it, as well as design tips on the Room Planner.

What to take into account with a black and white interior

An interior design black and white is a color palette stripped down to its bare essence. The play between the stark opposites is visually powerful and can transform an otherwise ordinary room into a center of attraction.

That said, a house interior black and white is also ripe for design errors precisely because of the vast difference between the two colors. The monochrome approach should be managed with these considerations.


As with all elements of design and décor, balance is key. It embodies an especially high significance because of the diametric contrast between black and white. However, the trick is not to attempt an exact 50-50 balance.

Instead, adopt a 70-30 ratio to achieve the best results. Use the lighting, orientation of your windows, and choice of décor style to decide which of the two colors to emphasize.


Black and white house interiors do not have to be limited to two colors when there are virtually infinite shades of each. Consider whether the jarring effect of complete opposites works in your home. A better idea may be to use a series of less sharply divergent shades.

White can incorporate colors such as pearl as well as tones like yellow and light pink. Midnight blue and deep slate grays can be a good substitute for plain black.


Some interior décor styles are a natural ally of a white and black interior while others clash with its principles. Because the dual tone is so minimalistic itself, modern styles like minimalist and Scandinavian are a perfect match. On the other hand, black and white clashes with more vibrant interior themes such as Vintage and Bohemian.

Keep the overall style of your home in mind before jumping into a monochromatic palette.


Black is slimming for rooms, too! A black and white modern house interior that is overwhelmingly dominated by black will make a room seem smaller. This is especially true if the walls are painted black. The opposite happens with white, and pale walls can make a room seem larger.

You have to consider which effect you want to introduce to your space. Black can make the room seem cozier while white can magnify an otherwise tiny space.


Because white allows every small imperfection to shine through, maintaining a white interior can be a bit of a chore. Conversely, black can hide imperfections and dirt so the space may reveal itself to be less perfect upon closer inspection.

How you balance black and white home interiors for these effects should be in harmony with how you intend to use a space.

The role of white in the room and its influence

White is pristine in its most basic form and can be the backdrop or the highlight, depending on how you want to adapt its versatility to a room. When used in profusion, white can make the room seem larger than its actual dimensions. Pair it with mirrors and metallic fittings to create an even greater illusion of space.

Severe shades of white can create a clinical look. If that is the objective, for example in a study or home office, use it in abundance. For a softer, warmer, and more balanced look, include neutrals as well.

White aligns with neatness and precision, which usually means that the rest of the space should embrace straight lines and an orderly setup to complement it.

The role of black in the room and its influence

Black is classic and it is often underused because of its association with angsty teens and adolescent rebellion. In reality, black can add dimension to a room, create interesting negative space, and make all the other colors – especially white – pop by contrast. Consider it mascara for your décor.

Like white, black works wonders as the foundation color in a room. However, you must invest in making it work using clever accents. This adds a natural texture to the room and prevents the space from appearing excessively one-dimensional.

Fortunately, black is one of those colors that can work its magic even when used sparingly. One way to embrace this feature of black is to use it as an accent instead of the main color. For example, black frames around a series of black-and-white pictures against a white wall can create a stunning facade.

Features of the black and white interior

Colorful designs can be intriguing but it is hard to go past the timeless beauty of black and white interior design ideas. They are often used in unison to complement each other simply by juxtaposition.

You will notice that spaces which combine black and white hardly ever do it in perfect balance unless it is being used in a chessboard-type design. Instead, the 70-30 ratio that we touched on earlier is the critical element of black and white modern interior design. Tweak the exact balance to your tastes.

Despite being called black and white home interior, there is no rule that says they should be devoid of all other colors. The shades of white and black aside, pops of bright colors can really hold their own against a monochrome background. Black grey and white interior design ideas also abound.

Mirrors, shiny metal, and polished surfaces are a natural ally of the black and white space.

Ideas for apartment design

Black and white lend themselves to infinite aesthetic combinations. Here are 3 design ideas that can be universally applied using black and white.

  • Texture - A variety of textures can add depth to any single color. In the interior design black and white living room, for example, use different textiles, finishes, high gloss paint, tiles, and matte to give the eyes a treat of textures.

  • Graphics - Black and white interior design is fertile ground for patterns. Stripes, dots, geometric shapes, and abstract forms can all interact to create visually mesmerizing spaces. Get furniture in on the act with block colors and shapes.

  • Contrast – The most obvious advantage of black and white designs is the value of contrast. Placed adjacent to each other, objects of each color make the other stand out more prominently. It is a wonderful way to draw the eye to objects or areas that you wish to highlight.

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