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5 Modern Staircase Design Ideas To Renovate Your Home

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For the stair to rise to the second floor to become a harmonious feel or the central object of the interior, it must be chosen correctly in terms of style and design.

Staircases are often located in the hallway. At the entrance to the house, the hosts and guests first see the mezzanine stairs, so its design should be given much attention to make a bold impression. You can make your staircase a real statement and add a James runner or a riser carpet with more colour.

The spindle construction should be selected according to the style of the premises. The choice of the structure will pass through the first and second tread floors or levels, so you need to think about a smooth transition from one step to another.

The color scheme is also important. Depending on the style of the interior and the tastes of the owners, the stairs can be entered harmoniously, or act as a contrasting center of the overall interior.

The decor finish of the bannister and premises and the design of the stairs to the second floor (artistic forging in the design of the fireplace or lattice on the windows and stair railings) can intersect, forming a single composition. You can combine a fresh green stairway with white print and add red storage elsewhere to impact the rest of the space.

Design Ideas for Staircases in the Art Deco Style

Art Deco style is the quintessence of different cultures and eras. Stairs in this style are characterized by:

  • clear lines;

  • geometry;

  • decor with inlay;

  • high cost of materials and the final product.

The main material is light wood. Lifting structures in this style will appeal to fans of luxury and sophistication. Spans are created with low degrees. When designing railings, artistic forging is used with an amazing pattern, and plant motifs, which can smoothly "flow" into the decor of the wall or floor.

Modern Staircase Designs in the Art Nouveau Style

Art Nouveau - architectural style of the early XX century. Different directions are intertwined in it. This style can be described as practical with a focus on aesthetic appeal.

Characteristic features of the style:

  • strength;

  • minimalism;

  • clarity of lines;

  • conciseness.

Art Nouveau stairs are mostly made of wood (such as larch) or metal. The step has an asymmetrical, broken shape. The manufacture of railings used artistic forging or wood carving. Popular floral ornaments. Also, the building in Art Nouveau can be made of concrete.

Designing a Staircase in the Style of Provence

Provence-style lifting structures are better elegant and made in light gallery colors. Elements of construction in this style complement decorative abrasions keeping a perfect neutral guide, and faded areas to create the effect of antiquity.

Stairs in the style of Provence are simple, they don’t have a trick. The decoration is a painting with floral motifs. Colors of Provencal stairs - pastel, gentle. Usually, they are made of oak.

For maximum compliance with the Provence-style building, stairs should have right angles. Wrought iron fences are intricate plexuses resembling tree branches. With the help of patina, railings acquire an ancient look.

Staircase Design Ideas in Country Style

The country is a typical style of the American province. This style of interior is ideal for a country house.

The country-style staircase has a simple design. The material is wood and other natural materials. For greater stylization on the surface of the wood, make abrasions and irregularities.

The most popular option is "old" wallpaper and wooden panels in calm colors. Staircases are also decorated with themed panels.

For example, based on the country style in the typical American tradition, the stairs are designed as a barrier to the cattle yard. Typical attributes of farm life are used as decor.

The structure can be made of hewn beams, and logs are used as steps. Artificially aged elements harmonize with natural stone and ceramic fragments.

Staircase Designs in Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style is characterized by:

  • comfort;

  • simplicity;

  • natural chic.

The most common version of the staircase, in the Mediterranean style for a country house, is a wooden structure. They are simple in terms of design and manufacture, fit well into the interior, and if necessary, wooden stairs can be repaired. Wood brings a touch of coziness to the interior of the house. The material used is birch, covered with polyurethane varnish shade "wenge", which creates a black and blue ebb.

The idea should be considered at the stage of construction of the house to timely bring communications for the kitchen, bathroom, and lighting area.

In terms of design, the space under the stairs can harmonize with the style of the house or be a separate area.

Rules in Staircase Design Lighting

Properly selected lighting can transform and make the original stairs of the most common design.

When choosing a light for a home lifting structure, you need to keep in mind the important points:

  • the lighting should be dimmed so as not to impede visibility;

  • if the staircase is not the dominant space and is located, for example, in the living room, the lighting should not be too bright;

  • low-power spotlights should be mounted along the march at equal distances from each other for uniform illumination of each step;

  • if the building is made in muted colors or located in a dark area, the lighting should be brighter;

  • stair lighting should harmonize with the main lighting of the room.

If the ladder is installed in a room with a high ceiling, in addition to lighting, there must be an overhead light.

Modern and Unusual Staircases Design Ideas

Modern staircases are characterized by unusual combinations of materials, styles, and colors, unexpected decor elements, and original lighting.

A creative solution for a small house is a screw structure in the shape of a snail with a high inner side, which serves as a handrail. Spotlights built into the sides of the building are used as illumination. Miniature ladder in eco-style with a suspended ladder made of wood with metal rods as a railing.

Also, for the interior in the eco-style suitable suspended staircase made of wood with a glass fence. The compact lifting design with the suspended ladder processed by an interline interval looks original and "airy". Metal ropes are stretched as a fence.

With all the variety of modern designs, the stairs must be:

  • safe;

  • convenient;

  • functional;

  • stylish;

  • harmonize with the interior of the house.

For high-tech interiors, the designers offer to install a sculptural screw structure with central support in the form of a spiral and a glass staircase without a fence.

Stairs located in the lobby can be made of steel with marble inserts on the stairs. When choosing a modern lifting structure, you should not forget about safety, as many examples of unusual stairs have a steep angle and no handrails.

Choose the look, style, design, and location of the staircase should be at the stage of construction of the house, then the stairs will bring practical benefits and delight household members and guests with their appearance for many years. You can download the Room Planner App to try the paint or wallpaper you want for your staircase design.

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