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5 Inviting Entryway Ideas You Are Going To Love

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The entryway usually allows you to quickly get an impression of the owners of the house or apartment. This is where you meet your guests, you come here after returning from work, business trips, and travel. Therefore, experts believe that the decor ideas for entryway are an important detail when decorating a private cottage, apartment, or country house.

With the right approach, even a small corridor can be made exquisitely stylish and at the same time cozy, atmospheric, comfortable, and functional. If you want to decorate the entryway taking into account current trends and current ideas for 2022, we will provide some useful recommendations for fashion tile pattern trends from leading designers for the foyer.

Ideas for an Entryway: The Most Popular Design Options in 2022

The hectic pace of our lives, constant changes, and a lot of stress at work and home - all lead to the fact that you need a place where you can relax, unwind, and gain vital energy and strength for further accomplishments. Of course, there are resorts, spas, and fitness centers. But each of us needs comfort at home.

Given modern realities, it is necessary to provide yourself with a comfortable home, returning to which you can count on complete relaxation. And creating the appropriate entryway decorating ideas is an integral part of the home interior.

What Ideas for an Entryway Are Used Today?

In the last few years, a casual and quite practical style has become popular, namely minimalism.

Why minimalism? Experts believe that this direction of interior design allows you to create an optimal space in which you can feel comfortable, and easy to breathe. Minimalism eliminates the presence of unnecessary things and ensures the practicality of each element present in the room. Therefore, this style is advantageous for small areas and is often used in the interior design of large entryways. Among the significant advantages of using minimalism for the design of the corridor should be noted:

  • visual enlargement of space;

  • lack of unnecessary elements;

  • aesthetics of the color palette, which includes no more than 3 shades.

Furniture is selected with a smooth surface, functional, and possibly built-in, which are perfectly combined with lighting fixtures. Large objects and architectural refinements are usually not used, especially if it is a small entryway.

Entryway Ideas Design Styles

In addition to minimalism, other popular stylistic trends can be used for modern entryway ideas with bench - classic, loft, neoclassical, Provence, Scandinavian style, and high-tech. It is recommended to choose to take into account the following factors:

  • area and architectural form of the room (large or small corridor, rectangular, elongated, oval, angular);

  • the interior design of other rooms should be harmoniously combined with the style of the entryway;

  • desirable planning that will meet the needs and tastes of the owners.

You also need to decide what furniture will be installed in the entryway to ensure comfort, whether you need carpets or other functional decor items.

Classic Style

The relevance of the classical style is rarely lost. But keep in mind that a classic is an interior option for a large entryway. The main features of this refined style are as follows:

  • solid chandelier made of crystal or glass;

  • natural materials in surface decoration (wood, stone, cotton, glass, linen);

  • colors of warm shades increase the space visually and create a cozy atmosphere in the house.


A distinctive feature of the loft is the brickwork of the wall (one or more), which can be made of natural or decorative bricks, other imitating materials available today. Also, for the design of the hall in the style of Loft designers offer to use:

  • the palette of black, gray, white, brown;

  • undisguised wires, other utilities, sockets, switches;

  • projector-like luminaires;

  • wooden or metal furniture;

  • natural materials in the decoration of walls, ceilings, and floors.


This style is used when creating interiors. Signs of neoclassicism - a few outstanding details with a fairly concise overall design. Designers use corner columns, marble busts or statuettes, large mirrors in massive frames, and more. Preference is given to smooth, sometimes glossy, mirror or reflective surfaces.

Small Entryway Ideas: Finishing the Walls

There are many options for finishing the walls in the entryway. Of course, unlike the floor, the walls do not carry such a load and do not require regular cleaning. But it is better to use waterproof finishing materials, such that can be washed. These can be:

  • waterproof wallpaper that will remain intact if they get raindrops from clothes or umbrellas;

  • 3D panels, which can have different textures and ornament, glossy or matte surfaces, imitate natural materials, repel dirt, moisture, dust;

  • paints that are resistant to negative external influences and can withstand washing and brushing.

It should also be noted that experts suggest combining materials from which the walls are decorated in the entryway ideas modern design. The lower part can be decorated with more durable options - plastic panels or panels made of natural materials. For part of the walls, starting somewhere at 1m from the floor, you can use wallpaper, textiles, or something else.

Choice of Furniture in the Entryway

The main criterion for choosing furniture for the entryway - is the area of ​​the room. Depending on how much free space there is in the corridor, furniture items are selected. To make the entryway comfortable, you need to take care of accommodations such as cabinets, shoe shelves, and mirrors.

Cabinets are better to choose the type of "compartment" or built-in. Shoe shelves can be open or closed. Mirrors may be installed on stands or hung. Please note - that in a small entryway mirrors visually expand the space, so this detail is not only aesthetic but also helps to increase the size of the room.

You can also include an umbrella stand, a bench with built-in drawers, console tables, baskets for assembling all sorts of little things, key organizers, ordinary hooks, small ottomans, and open shelves for the modern lighting ideas for entryway. If there is such a possibility, practical niches are placed in the corridor.

To be able to determine in advance which style impresses you, you can download the Room Planner App for the design of the entryway.

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May 02, 2023

It's great that you touched on the placement of sneakers and other shoes when designing the interior. For example, I don't have a very good layout so a lot of my dunks don't always fit.

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