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Looking for modern designed wallpaper? We have shortened the list of designs that will draw attention to your interior.

For many years, the wallpaper went through different periods of popularity, but now it's time for them. This is largely due to the owners of houses and apartments, who become bolder when choosing decor - the interior becomes more individual, original, and expressive. You can also download the Room Planner App to try different wallpapers for your room and check which ones match the best.

Properly selected interior home wallpapers can add exactly the stylish accent that was lacking in the interior. Add an exciting space to any room, even the kitchen and bathroom, with the right choice of the graphic print.

Beautiful Wallpapers for Interior Design

Wallpaper can dramatically change any room or a studio. Modern interior design wallpaper can totally change the way you feel about the area. Even the smallest bedroom with the right choice of wall decoration will seem like a spacious room where it will be easy to breathe and move. The creation of the interior practically begins with the design of the walls. The proposed algorithm of actions will help not to miss the important points in the preparation process:

  1. The first thing to do is decide on a style. You need to think not only about the option of wallpaper, furniture but also about the future placement of interior items and light.

  2. Then you should evaluate the dimensions of the room and the location of the windows. The choice of color and a way of combining wall-paper (if such will be used) in many respects depend on the direction of streams of daylight.

  3. Assess the quality of the wall surface, take into account feature defects, and calculate the required number of rolls. It is not necessary to rely only on personal knowledge and impressions during the preparation, it is better to use the help of competent consultants.

  4. 3d interior wallpaper on the wall will look interesting only if they are neatly glued, and have no visible seams and traces of glue. When choosing, it is very important to understand how the canvases will be joined. Dense and three-dimensional options can hide large but smooth bumps, but minor convexity will not make the joints invisible.

  5. Inconsistency of the pattern of wallpaper style or other interior items will bring chaos and bad taste.

Whether you are creating a decorative wall or decorating all four walls, these are the trends in wallpaper that you should pay attention to right now.

House Interiors Wallpapers: Trends in 2022

‘Modern interior wallpapers are a key trend in 2022 design, and consumers' insatiable appetite doesn't seem to be declining,’ said David Harris, Andrew Martin's director of design. ‘Regardless of your taste, there is something for everyone. From traditional flowering plants to modern geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural design’.

Maximalist Masterpieces

Melanie Adams, head of Wallpaper Direct, explains that the current trend in wallpaper is ‘very maximalist.’ So bold and rich wallpaper is going to take your attention in 2022.

‘One of the easiest ways to radically change any interior is modern interior wallpaper texture. The designer uses bolder, more colorful prints and combines them with bright colors on walls and wooden products.’

Directions of Dreams

Although many have not been able to travel to distant destinations, it seems that we are bringing them home instead. It is obvious that the trend of interiors, inspired by travel, arose due to the unpredictability of the last year, from which we dreamed of escaping. Today, you can dine in the kitchen and feel like in outer space.

From Moroccan color palettes to colorful wallpaper, our homes are a tribute to the places we want to travel. This is the only direction of inspiration for travel that we can plan for the summer of 2022!

Incredible Marble

Marble modern home interior design wallpapers can help us get the look at no cost.

"Marble wall coverings have been one of the most popular designs due to their versatility," explains Andrew Gerratti, co-founder of Wallsauce. "Whether in a rich selection of colors and textures or in the application, because the product can be widely used in kitchens and bathrooms, without the cost of natural stone"

Impressive Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are more popular than ever in 2022. Large-scale floral prints are the main character of the coming seasons. Draw attention to the room with a special wall with floral wallpaper. The trend toward dark Renaissance wallpaper with rich precious tones is a very important trend to look out for.

Interior Wallpapers Design: Non-woven Wallpaper

Because the non-woven fabric is constructed of polyester and cellulose, it is incredibly flexible and bonding is not an issue. The use of a specific paste, which forms at high temperatures, provides relief to such wallpaper. Painting is a great way to use non-woven wallpaper. They are air and vapor permeable and have excellent camouflage properties - smooth out bumps and hide cracks in the walls.

Unlike paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper does not need to be lubricated with glue - it should be applied only to the wall. Another advantage is that there are no problems with tearing wallpaper off the surface, so the walls have no defects after removing non-woven wallpaper.

However, such modern wallpaper interior has one "harm": it must be treated very carefully because the relief of them can be easily scraped even with a fingernail. Therefore, they must be painted, then the top layer will be much stronger. For this purpose, any dispersion paints, including water emulsion, are usually suitable.

Wallpaper in Interior: Vinyl Wallpaper

There are foam and smooth vinyl wallpaper, which depends on the water permeability. Vinyl wallpaper can be easily used in rooms with high humidity. Their top layer is made of PVC, so there are no problems with removing dirt with a wet cloth. An additional advantage of this type of wallpaper is high resistance to sunlight: so they do not lose color while maintaining their flawless appearance. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to glue, but it requires special glue.

There are several types of such wallpaper: flat, foam, or dense vinyl. Flat vinyl wallpaper has a high density and increased resistance to abrasion and cleaning. They can be washed with a soft brush using alkaline and alcohol-based detergents. In the production of foamed vinyl, the top layer of PVC acquires a ‘loose’ appearance due to heat treatment. Such wallpaper is quite dense, does not wrinkle, and well masks the irregularities of the walls.

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