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4 Best Interior Stone Wall Ideas And Designs For 2022 | Room Planner Blog

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Interior walls with stone are an attribute of rooms decorated in a Mediterranean, rustic or industrial style. A wall lined with brick or any other natural stone will be a great decoration for rooms in almost any style, from traditional classic to retro style.

So, if you want to make the rooms of your house cozy and stylish and at the same time want to use a more creative visual option for decorating the walls than standard wallpaper, wall paint, or plaster, then stone on wall interior will be a great option for your home. The Room Planner blog will show you how to decorate a stone wall properly.

Advantages of stone walls interior design:

  • intensive and unique textural naturalness;

  • excellent sound insulation;

  • wide choice of color, texture, and the price;

  • the simplicity of care and durability.

The most common types of stone wall ideas used in interior design are limestone, sandstone, brick, slate, and coral stone.

Tips for a Wall Design with Stone

Create the perfect lighting section to bring out the natural stone's texture. Combine natural stones with softer materials like wool, cashmere, rugs, and fluffy pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. This will counteract the natural stone's coolness. Warm yellow, orange, and red color accent should be used. The austere mood established by the natural stone will be revived as a result.

You may enhance the beauty of the interior stone walls ideas by accentuating masonry seams with contrasting hues. It will give attractiveness to the stone finish if you build a masonry of varied sizes of stones. If the space isn't large enough, only a portion of the wall can be covered in natural stone. This will change the situation heavily.

Stone Ceiling: Is It a Good Idea?

Try to stone the ceiling if you want to make something unique. The interior will be cozy and warm as a result of this. Painting a stone paving will allow you to utilize the roughness of the material while also harmonizing and softening the interior.

Stone wall decoration ideas may be used in any kind of interior, but the sort of stone used must be chosen carefully. For example, bricklaying is suitable for lofts and modern interiors, while big stone pieces of various shapes function nicely in country-style interiors and country mansions. It is preferable to utilize a variety of stones to cover the entire stone wall inside.

Different Styles of Decorative Stone for the Home in 2022

Using ornamental stone in the indoor wall stone ideas is an environmentally responsible way to create a luxurious and inviting ambiance. The natural stone finish on the outer walls is ideal for homes in a hilly or forested setting.

Decorative stones come in a variety of styles that may be utilized both outdoors and indoors. Natural stone is the most costly choice. Fake plywood, which resembles genuine plywood but is far less expensive, is available from some producers. Because it is constructed of concrete and natural components, artificial stone is the most affordable alternative.


Limestone is a soft stone that deteriorates with time. Under the action of water, the pores in cellular limestone generate a sensation of wear. This is a highly lovely and aesthetically appealing ornamental stone that has been successfully utilized for both outdoor and indoor stone wall ideas.

Thin Natural Facing Stone

Facing stone is a natural stone tile with a thickness of 2.5 to 3.1 cm that combines the exterior appeal of natural rocks with lightness and relative affordability. Facing plates are easier to install than stone blocks since they are three times thinner and lighter, lowering transportation expenses. At the same time, facing plates seems outside to be the same as completing blocks, and only an expert can tell the difference.

River Pebbles

River pebbles are a sort of natural stone that has been shaped and polished by flowing water. Pebbles are commonly used for home exterior cladding, as well as fireplaces, kitchen aprons, and landscaping flower beds in ornamental gardens.

Natural Stone

One of the oldest ways of building construction is the use of natural stone for external and interior ornamentation. Natural stone is mined and treated in quarries before being used in finishing and building projects.

The application of each type of stone is determined by its form and texture. Natural stone is long-lasting, easy to care for and preserve, and you won't have to worry about it losing its original beauty over time. Natural stone, on the other hand, is costly, and the construction process necessitates the use of specialized equipment.

What to Consider When Decorating a Room with Decorative Stone?

The main principle that must be taken into account when decorating apartments with stone is a healthy sense of proportion. If you give yourself free rein and decorate all the walls in the floor-to-ceiling masonry, you can get the exact opposite effect: instead of comfort, you will get a cave or crypt, where the stay will inspire cold and depressing thoughts.

Particular attention should be paid to the interior of the bedroom wall at the base of the bed, because if you want to focus directly on this area of ​​the room (after all, the sleeping area is key in the bedroom), then use a finishing material other than materials that were used to decorate other walls of the room. For example, natural or artificial stone, which will fit as well as possible into the overall interior of the bedroom.

Decorating the Stone Wall: Combine Styles and Directions!

Rough stone walls design ideas masonry looks great not only in rural or modern interiors but also in bedrooms decorated in the style of shabby chic, Mediterranean, or marine. However, if you want to create a truly unique and cozy interior, then use the element you like in all these styles. Download the Room Planner App to try the style by yourself and make sure you’ll love it when it’s real.

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