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14 reasons to love geometric shapes and patterns in interior design | Room Planner Blog

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Usually, we don’t notice how many geometric forms surround us before we think about it. Any design has some basic geometry, but it’s a different thing – to use it unconsciously or with full understanding. So here you’ll find some focus on what opportunities the use of shape and form in interior design gives.

As old as the world

Let’s start with the fact that without geometry there would be no houses or apartments where people are living now. So the basic geometry is the shape formed by the position of walls, ceiling, and floor. Then windows go – they can be of different forms, but it doesn’t change their geometric nature. The list can be continued, but the main point is that geometry is versatile in all its aspects.

To begin with the most fundamental aspect, you can implement different geometric shapes in the process of engineering, so that the premise would be different from its very base. The interior design can be built entirely on the choice of strict geometric forms, or just include the elements of decor and functional items. To take the example – the usual bookcase is already an element of geometric interior design, but to emphasize this you need to add a little contrast or something repeating this shape on the other surface or in the other part of the premise.

The universality is also that the geometric design shapes can be differently strict or bright, depending on the colour and lighting details. The potential of such a solution is immense, so the effect produced by using the patterns with geometric shapes can be equally boring or magnificent, depending on how you use them.

Style combinations

The use of geometric patterns in interior design not necessarily makes it futuristic. It’s correct only for a specific type of design, which is mostly minimalistic or industrial. But the use of forms and patterns is far wider across the other styles, even classic.

To give some examples, it would be important to remember the rug patterns we can often see in both old and modern interiors. The difference now is in the choice of colors and details making this pattern complete. The patterns are an interesting artistic tool for making accents, and they can be used in both extensive elements and tiny details.

Diversity of materials

Everything that you see around you can be used as elements of geometry interior. Literally, every material you can possibly need for repair, refreshing the design, or just adding decorations is possible to use. Such diversity opens new possibilities for combinations. Just the same as with style combinations, you can use wood, plastic, glass, epoxy resin, paper, plasterboard – anything you need. Such flexibility with using materials gives another opportunity to mix the textures. This way you can avoid the monotonous impression of your interior design, and make it integrated but multi-featured.


Sometimes we face some need to refresh the old room design without a complete repair of the premise. In this case, you can do it more seriously, changing the color of the walls, for example, or you can just add some accessories to replace the ones too battered. It touches upon both functional and decorative elements :

  • rugs,

  • coffee tables,

  • seats,

  • flower pots,

  • light fittings,

  • statuettes,

  • etc.

Such variety allows for replacing some elements and creating some pretty combinations, which you’ll love even if this apartment or house is your temporary place to live in.

Furthermore, many shapes in interior design are possible to repeat by yourself. That’s why there are so many tutorials for DIY decorations of geometric forms on the Internet. Of course, many of them are pretty used by this time, but still, the simplicity of the production of such decorations gives you a chance to invent something unique, which will emphasize the subtle interior with the least means involved.

A bit of order

Using these forms, it’s possible for you to add some touch of clearness and order to your interior design. It pushes interest when you see the combination of strict lines with soft forms and textures, or exceptionally when the general impression is chaos, but when you look closely you see the order. The last can be produced more often by pictures as decorations in interior designs. Though we often meed such an effect in the print of carpets, blankets, pillowcases, etc., in other words – on something soft to the touch.

This sounds and feels like an oxymoron, but nowadays tendency indicates that people like mixing contrasts, so it’s preferable for interior design to include the opposites.

Ethnic motives

Being fond of some cultures, it’s easy to implement some elements of ethnic patterns into your interior. Some of them require more use of square and circular forms, others need the patterns to be more diamond-shaped, and such tendencies are specified according to each ethnic pattern separately. It’s a great idea to give a little modern vision to the classic ethnic pattern and to combine them again with the modern styles tending to be more minimalistic.

Such a solution gives your interior a futuristic touch being not too cold or sharp, so it’s comfortable to spend time in some room. And of course, who wouldn’t like to post something made by yourself on Instagram? It should be said that the Instagram-ability of all the DIY things is huge, so take your chance and start creating!

In general, you can find another thousand reasons to love geometric shapes in interior design, but the opportunities described above give you just another chance to reflect on this. To make your reflections more tangible, download the Room Planner App and see how your ideas would look in your surroundings, and create more and more new designs!

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