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3 Best Decking Design Ideas 2023

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How to start building a great outdoor terrace in the house? Preferably, choose a deck floor. Different decking materials have different requirements that must be taken into account when preparing the substrate for the terrace. Some can be laid on the ground area, others need a solid concrete foundation. If you choose the floor early enough, before you add the slab and make a layer of the slope, the decking design of the terrace space will be smooth. You can plan your work without any problems, and if necessary, you can expand it over time.

If you want to create a great view in front of the pool and seat and dine with your family under the tree every evening, check out how to make designs for a deck.

There can be various types of terrace decking. Here are the ones we’ll discuss in the article:

  • wooden boards;

  • thermo wood;

  • composite boards.

Ideas for Deck Designs: Terrace Floor, Made of Wooden Boards

Nothing compares to relaxing on a hardwood patio with a hot tub. Moreover, you might hire a planter for your yard to make it extra relaxing. The board is warm and pleasant to the touch, but in hot weather, it doesn’t heat up. Plus, in summer, it is nice to sit on them, enjoy the eyes of a flower garden growing, and warm your face in the sun's flow or fire in the evenings. Decking design ideas perfectly match and extend the plant environment, and complemented by an appropriate choice of furniture and accessories, such as a dining table, a screen, and a warm cover, it becomes as cozy as the living room.

Maintaining a wooden terrace or a rooftop takes time and effort. At least once a year, the design ideas for decks should be spotless and re-lubricated with oil to protect the material from discoloration and wear. Proper maintenance of wooden boards idea is one of the conditions that must be met to enjoy a beautiful terrace on your property for many years.

No less important is the used type of wood from which the boards are made. Exotic wood boards with a raised level (for example, Merbau, Bangikirai, Masaranduba), Siberian and European larch are best for building a terrace. We need to point out, that pine and spruce are not suitable for this step planning - they are simply too soft to walk and prone to damage.

There are two ways to build a wooden detached terrace. The first option is to install the boards on a surrounding concrete base. The structure made in this way is stable and strong - the boards are screwed to the logs placed on the concrete, which can be additionally fixed to the ground. The second method, the construction of a wooden terrace on the ground, is faster and cheaper, but less durable.

Regardless of how the terrace will be built, do not forget to include special washers or brackets that will insulate and connect the beams from the concrete elements. If you ignore this requirement, the wood will begin to absorb moisture and rot. You will not like this experience. 5 mm wide should be supported between the boards so that the wood can work freely.

Remember! The wooden terrace should be made by specialists who have the necessary tools, know the specifics of wood and know how to work with this material.

Backyard Deck Designs Ideas: Terrace Floor from Thermo Wood

Thermo wood is an alternative to ordinary wooden and composite boards. Under this name are boards made of local wood, often pine and ash, subjected to complex heat treatment using high temperatures and steam. The process of thermal modification takes place without the use of chemicals, so it is completely natural and safe for health.

Wood becomes darker under the influence of processing. Its properties are also changing. All wood is removed from the wood, and the sugars contained in its structure crystallize. After processing, the wood remains dimensionally stable, resistant to mold and fungi, and not prone to rot. As a result, it does not need to be protected by any protective equipment.

Despite the wonderful properties that thermo wood can boast of, many people solve it with oil. Why? The material is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and quickly loses its original color. Oil treatment can effectively prevent this. The fact that the boards do not need to be greased on the side is a big help - they just need to be fixed on top.

Laying a thermal wood floor is the same as installing larch or exotic wood planks. However, manufacturers recommend carefully cutting and installing wooden elements. Due to heat treatment, the wood becomes very fragile. To protect the boards from cracking, use appropriate - recommended by the manufacturer - screws or nails. Before fastening them, it is necessary to drill the appropriate holes in the wood.

Wooden Deck Designs Ideas: The Floor of Composite Boards

People who dream of a wooden terrace, but are afraid of the obligations associated with its maintenance, can turn to the folded boards. It is a durable and practical material made from a combination of wood flour, synthetic materials, and additives. It visually resembles wood but lacks most of its shortcomings.

Composite boards do not swell or flake off. They are resistant to harmful weather conditions, bacteria, fungi, and insects. They scratch and wear over time, but most mechanical damage can be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper by gently sanding the surface along the grooves. On hot days, the boards are heated. You should carefully consider purchasing them if the terrace has no roof and faces south or southwest.

Theoretically, the boards do not require impregnation or any maintenance procedures. In practice, it is different. Under the influence of UV radiation, the boards lighten. If it is contaminated with a greasy substance, a permanent mark may remain on the surface of the terrace. To update the color of the boards and protect the material from painting, you should use a special impregnation or a means of restoring composite terraces.

Before buying a floor for the terrace, you should look at it live, touch and compare different materials. You can download the Room Planner App to try the ones you like and only then decide which to buy. The very appearance of the boards or tiles allows you to first assess whether the product is strong and durable and how it will perform for years.

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