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4 Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas For 2022

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Despite the huge selection of facing materials, we choose the most functional and practical for repairs in certain rooms of our own home. When it comes to renovations in the kitchen, sooner or later the question arises of arranging the floor and walls. You can download the Room Planner App before real repair in order to visualize your kitchen floor tiles ideas. This aspect of the renovation is without exaggeration important because the kitchen is the room we visit most often in the house.

In light of the latest trends, it has ceased to be just a place for cooking and has become a full-fledged recreation area, which should be both aesthetic and functional.

The best choice for the floor and walls in the kitchen or terrazzo is ceramic tile, as the material offers a wide selection of palettes that will allow you to decorate the room originally, withstand the style of the kitchen, and give it bright accents. Monochrome and gray vinyl tiles are a thing of the past: today, using this material in combination with a design approach, the kitchen can easily be transformed into a modern area with white tiled kitchen floors.

Tiles for Kitchen Floor Ideas: General Principles of Tile Selection

In addition to a large selection of textures, colors, and designs, in favor of choosing ceramic tiles as a cladding material is evidenced by its properties:

  • durability;

  • strength;

  • hygiene;

  • fire resistance and moisture resistance;

  • affordable price.

Also, ceramic tile floor in kitchen will not lose their appearance over time as the wood ones can. They are easy to care for, and the material is resistant to chemicals.

It is wrong to limit the choice of tiles only to their appearance - they say it fits into the interior and enough. No matter how beautiful the pattern is, all repair efforts will be in vain if the product does not pass the test with falling pans and feet that regularly wiggle around the room. After all, you are unlikely to be happy to continue to use worn ceramic tiles with cracks. Even if you want to create a stone tile idea, the first thing you should think about is its quality.

Therefore, first, when choosing, pay attention to the technical parameters, which will depend on the reliability of the floor. The consultant in the store will help you to understand the technical characteristics, it is possible to do it yourself thanks to the icons on the package.

Choosing Floor Tiles in the Kitchen

The floor from all surfaces is exposed to the greatest mechanical influence, and it is a determining factor when choosing a tile. This surface will have regular contact with water, so do not choose a tile with a porous structure that can absorb moisture. Instead, this part of the room will be less exposed to temperature and light than other surfaces. High-quality ceramic tiles for the kitchen must meet several parameters.

Strength of Floor Tiles

It will directly affect how long you can use the product. Pay attention to the information from the manufacturer: according to the classification, it is easy to determine which choice to make for the kitchen floor. The corresponding classification is called REI (from the name of the institute where it was developed):

  • PEI I - exclusively for walls;

  • PEI II - for the floor in the bathroom and bedroom, i.e. where you walk barefoot or in soft shoes;

  • PEI III - used in most rooms, except the hallway;

  • PEI IV - used mainly for hallways, corridors, and stairs;

  • PEI V - tiles with the highest level of resistance to wear, used in areas with heavy loads.

Therefore, class IV-V tiles are best for the kitchen, as you spend a lot of time and actively move in this room.

Resistance to Detergents

Due to the special purpose of the room, the best floor tile for kitchens here will often be washed with the use of detergent "chemicals". For the kitchen floor, it is recommended to buy tiles with high resistance to chemicals - such products are marked with the letter A or AA. Lower resistance classes are not recommended for flooring in this room.

Safety Floor Tiles

This parameter assumes that the tile will not be slippery. Humidity and liquid spillage are often high in the kitchen. That is why glazed and polished tiles, and specially polished porcelain - are a bad choice for the kitchen. The best option is a matte or rough surface. For the kitchen, it is recommended to use tiles with a coefficient of friction of 0.75, which is considered the safest (sometimes products are marked through the R system - it is recommended to use tiles with a coefficient of R10 or R11).

Design: Floor Tiles Ideas for Kitchen

When choosing a tile design, consider the colors of the furniture and walls so that the combination with the floor is not too contrasting. It is recommended to use the colour scheme in "loyal" tones. For example, for green furniture, it is recommended to choose tiles in ocher, yellow, light brown or coffee, for blue-white or white, orange or sand, for Marsala - vanilla, light beige or gray ceramic tiles. Instead, white furniture will suit virtually any color of the tile. When the white color gives a little cold blue, it is better to choose cold tones of the coating, to milky white - warm.

Keep in mind that light shades can make a room visually bigger. Also, large patterns in appearance reduce the volume of the room, so for a small kitchen, it is better to use ceramic tiles with a simple geometric pattern or monochrome.

Ceramic Tile Flooring in Kitchen: Color, Style, and Design

The choice of colors, style, and design for the kitchen floor is based only on the preferences of the kitchen owner. However, these parameters must also coincide with the overall design solution. Designers advise choosing the best tile floors for kitchens from the same collection as for the floor. At the same time, consider the color of the kitchen furniture.

Here are some common points: light-colored tiles will visually expand the room, and bright and dark colors will make it a little smaller and cozier. Tile design is also important here. For example, the use of ceramic tiles with vertical stripes will make the walls of the kitchen visually higher. Instead, large drawings, especially when there is so little space in the room, still narrow it.

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Chris Hartman
Chris Hartman
3 days ago

I had an excellent experience with Laminate Flooring for my kitchen floor tile installation. The team was professional, punctual, and highly skilled. They helped me choose the perfect tile design that complements my kitchen decor beautifully. The installation process was smooth and completed on time.

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