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Sofa Types

Learn main points about sofas in a few minutes!


Came from the 18th century. Easy to notice its tufted backrest and rolled arms which are equal to the height of the back.


This is one of the classic types of sofa that is instantly recognizable due to its boxy design. The distinguishing element for this couch is that the arms are level with the sofa’s back.


It's a more comfortable version of the Tuxedo sofa. The demarcating feature of a Lawson-style sofa is that the cushions that form its back are separate from the main structure.

Mid-century Modern

These sofas are transitional in style, and they adhere to the clean lines of minimal design. Combine compact size and functionality.


It's one of those types of sofas that we can recognize by just one element - the angled side armrests which practically become side backs here.

English Rolled Arm (or Bridgewater)

Features high back and low arms tucked into the sides. The upholstery is tight and soft at the same time.


Traditionally a wooden bench with a backrest. It is basically an upgraded seat of the 18th century that as a thumb rule seats only two.


Reclining sofas are very much a current phenomenon. Typically, there is a push-button or lever that makes the sofa recline so that you can push back and take a rest.


The word ‘futon’ in Japanese means bedding. It comes with the frame of a sofa but instead of upholstery, there is a mattress that can be rolled out on the floor for sleeping. Typically, a futon sofa doesn’t have armrests.


Ad-hoc sectional sofas were used as far back as the Victorian age. However, in its modern form, these sofas have made an appearance since the 1950s. Can have straight, ‘L’ or ‘U’ shapes.

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