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Antique furniture and accessories are timeless jewelry that likes to flirt with modern design. By inviting them to the sleeping gazebo, you will be able to create an unobvious, stylish and distinctive composition.

Vintage is a style full of treasures of the past. An Art Deco chest of drawers, a 19th-century wardrobe, or an armchair reminiscent of the Polish People's Republic - each of these items can live in your bedroom and add a vintage designer taste.

Remember, however, that old equipment has a breath of modernity. There is no place for a simple piece in such an interior, that is why it is better to try it and download the Room Planner App before the repair process.

Vintage Ideas for Bedroom: Classics of Design

The vintage space should be filled with furniture with history. For connoisseurs, we advise you to look for real gems from different eras - the Chesterfield sofa, a table inspired by the design of Isamu Noguchi, a chair with a "turtle" from the late 60s and 70s. A second extraordinary life.

It is important to remember that the retro vintage bedroom ideas are not just the art of styling but above all the ability to combine styles. So it is not surprising that the merger of Art Deco and Bauhaus, or industrial accents with retro elements. If you can't find the original grazing specimens, don't worry. Their role will be played by modern designs in the old style. Don't worry, it's vintage too!

Extras with an Idea

The vintage bedroom should be treated with a grain of salt. This will prevent the interior from turning into a museum room. The retro armchair can be successfully upholstered with a soft floral fabric, and the base of the Zinger machine can be brightly painted. Vintage loves perverted styling and original solutions. A radio from the 1950s or two old suitcases, stacked in tiers, will gladly play the role of a bedside table. Next to the bed can be an old collector alarm clock, and over a modern dressing table, you can hang a mirror in a darkened frame.

Retro Brightly Light

Lighting is very important in the entourage of the bedroom. The fact is that your food should be intimate and romantic. Following this path, you should take care of antique lamps. For floor lamp lovers, we recommend the iconic Arco pattern, which was designed in the 60s by the famous brothers Achilles and Pir Giacomo. Cast iron chandeliers, old oil lamps, and typical fishing lamps will also welcome the vintage bedroom.

Ceramics and Glass

Art critics agree that the 1950s and 1960s were the most creative periods for the world of Polish ceramics. The so-called Calibration Centers. The factories in Walbrzych, Chemiel, Wloclawek, and Jaworzyna Szloski were the most successful, producing colorful ceramics under the New Look flag. Exquisite Polish designs should be achieved by arranging a bedroom in modern vintage bedroom ideas. You can bet on the famous "spades", fascinating geometric shapes, or whimsical multicolored glass figures. Vintage will also love the slightly forgotten crystal ashtrays, dishes, and vases. You can show this wonderful collection, for example, on the windowsill.

Colors and Patterns

Vintage interiors love geometric patterns. They can be found on a wall, bedspreads, or carpets. However, so that the arrangement with strong motives does not plunge into chaos, you should choose muted colors. Arrangement with a retro note, as a combination of black and white, as well as brown, beige, and a shade of old gold. If you choose solid walls, you can madly choose energetic colorful accents. Colorful vintage feels perfectly "dressed" in green, blue, red, and mustard shades, very typical of the '70s.

Bedroom Vintage Ideas: Features

This trend has found expression both in interior items and in clothing and accessories. Today it is customary to follow vintage fashion, to be the owner of antiques. At the same time, vintage should be expressed not only in the fact that something has been extracted for many years, or it was extracted from an old grandmother's chest. High-quality exclusivity should be traced in vintage-style things that time has no control over. Therefore, the design of the bedroom in this style should not be cluttered with antiques. The interior should look both noble and original, like fresh retro or enticing jazz sounds that will never go out of fashion.

The peculiarity of the design in the vintage style is that in one room you can, using old things, combine several stylistic eras. At the same time, observing its originality, things for the interior in a vintage style should express the fashion trend of its time and harmonize with modern decor items. To equip a bedroom in a vintage style, you must take into account the following features characteristic of this design direction:

  1. Vintage style eliminates the use of unnatural floor materials. Natural wood on a board floor or parquet is appropriate. A good option, even if the floorboards are unpainted. Therefore, modern laminate, various types of carpet, or linoleum will not approach.

  2. The ceiling in the design of a vintage-style bedroom does not need to be glued with wallpaper or installed stretch ceilings. The most intelligible version of vintage retro is the well-known whitewash. And let it be white or soft cream shades, mother-of-pearl, sky blue, and even with elements of the upper stucco.

  3. In an arrangement of a bedroom, it is obligatory to use furniture from natural materials: wood, a rattan, bamboo, etc. Oak furniture will give special chic.

"Fashion passes, style remains" Coco Chanel once said. It is difficult to disagree with the vintage trend. This is a style that, despite the change in fashion, delights with its timeless design and attracts only the best of the world of design. This is a trend for connoisseurs who can appreciate the nobility of furniture with history and the extraordinary marriage of first-class design trends that have shone in salons in recent decades.

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