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Modern French chic in the interior of the apartment

French interior design in an apartment. What are the features of the apartments, which are implemented in the French style? How to convey all the French chic in the interior of a small apartment: useful tips on the Room Planner blog.

What Is French Style Decor?

French style décor, often called Parisian style to distinguish it from French country interior design, is a relatively modern take on interiors. That surprises many people because the city of Paris is so intimately steeped in history and boasts magnificent buildings dating back centuries.

However, Parisians have created a unique blend of old and new that characterizes their take on French designs interiors. Given France’s long and illustrious contribution to the arts, you would also expect their décor to be heavy on the visual arts. Again, Parisians buck expectations by favoring a contemporary vision.

Modern French interior design style décor hinges on simplicity but it is sophisticated and exquisite in execution. It does away with much of the flashiness that outsiders assume they will find in the City of Lights.

What you will discover is charming architectural detail. That includes tall windows, which call for high ceilings. Wall panels, carved moldings, and marble fireplaces add a touch of finesse to the most ordinary rooms. Expect to see herringbone parquet underfoot and antique or antique-inspired furniture all around.

Balcony railings and stairway balustrades will often be made of metal.

French Apartments Architectural Features

Classic French interior design takes into account the fact that the majority of the structures in the French capital date back to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Such a depth of historical heritage is impossible to ignore as a strong influence on the overall French apartment.

So, any interior design French style will likely include features such as large signature white walls and wall paneling that stretches all the way from ceiling to floor. Marble mantels are a common sight in both the living room and the bedroom in French chic interior design.

French contemporary interior design takes into account the individual history of every apartment or house. As such, you could see vastly different interior décor in buildings that are located adjacent to each other but were built centuries apart. The key here is to marry the unique character of each space with the practical elements of contemporary living that you wish to include.

French interior color palette

French country interior design style is marked by a neutral palette, which means that there will be an abundance of colors such as white, beige, and gray on the lighter side and shades of chocolate and anthracite at the darker end of the spectrum.

Keep in mind that lighter shades of neutral colors will help to make a room seem larger and brighter than it is. This is an especially important factor when parts of the room are dark and cannot be changed easily (or cheaply). Examples would be antique cabinets that cannot be painted or a parquet floor in a dark shade.

A neutral palette is a wonderful asset to have on your side when you begin designing any interior. Firstly, they are known as ‘neutral’ because they pair easily with a wide range of other colors. This means that you will have a harmonious color scheme regardless of whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch.

With the lenient color limitations, home owners will also have a far wider range of options should they choose to remodel in another style in the future. Have a favorite piece of furniture that you love and want to keep even if you remodel? With a neutral palette, it is likely that you won’t need to change it.

Secondly, neutral colors embody a chill vibe which lines up well with French country modern interior design. If that matches your personality, there is no going past the neutral interior palette.

Thirdly, neutral colors go well with vintage and antique items. A French provincial interior design will often feature old-fashioned décor, and a neutral palette will breathe new life into such items.

French style lighting

In keeping with the vintage theme that dominates much of classic Parisian décor, French style lighting is heavy on reuse, refurbishment, and renewal. Any lighting that has an antique look, be it from its design or finish fits in effortlessly.

Chandeliers have an aura of the luxurious past in them and, thus, are perfect for a French style interior. You can find them in a range of designs, both authentic and imitation. Choose a weathered zinc, oiled bronze, or whitewashed driftwood finish to stay in theme.

Another good choice of overhead lighting for French style interior décor is pendant lights. Their simplicity is a natural ally of the rustic charm of a French country style interior. Pendant lights are very versatile and can be installed in any room with a flat or even slanted ceiling.

Add a series of them to your kitchen cooking area, or opt for a single bulb in a warm shade above an intimate seating area.

French interior furniture style

People ask, “How is French chic style in interior design?” Well, French interiors are certainly about embracing the past but they perform a good balancing act. Rather than attempt to recreate a museum of sorts, Parisian décor welcomes objects from different eras into sharing the same space.

Each object tells a story of discovery or history, and every nook and cranny is unique. Unlike the world of high fashion that most people associate with the French, the modern French interior is less flashy and more about simplicity.

You will often find true family heirlooms, souvenirs and photos from travels, vintage and restored items, as well contemporary objects and furniture in the same room. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to source them far and wide – shopping at a single store will usually narrow the scope of your finds.

This variable approach creates a vibrancy that gives Parisian décor a ‘lived-in’ feel. One particular element that can be very intriguing is moving away from the ‘designed’ look. For example, artwork can be left to lean against a wall or table instead of being mounted. Empty space is welcome, giving the room space to breathe. Minimalist art is a fine addition to such spaces.

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