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3d Models Import

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IMPORTANT: Import functionality is on testing stage. Stay in touch to get an access.

In Room Planner App you are able now to import your own 3D models and 2D models to cutomize your designs or to introduce your products. Let’t take a look how exactly you can upload your items.

Video tutorial

1. Model Requirements

  1. Available formats: .ZIP, .RAR, .MAX, .FBX, .OBJ, .3DS, .DAE

  2. Limitations:

  • Size of a file shouldn’t exceed 15 Mb

  • Size of a model shouldn’t exceed 10x10x10 meters

  • The number of polygons shouldn’t exceed 20000 per model, low-poly models are recommended (2000-5000 polygons per model)

2. Preparing a Model

  1. The model should only contain the structure of the product itself, and should not contain irrelevant content like another products, rooms, lighting and other

  2. Don’t create invisible structures inside the model.

  3. The model should be created according to the true size of the object.

  4. The model should not contain overlapping and fliped polygons. Check normals as well.

  5. It’s recommended to group model elements in one group. Multi-element model is preferable.

  6. Model has to be centered to zero coordinates.

  7. Center pivot to object, align to world, and set zero coordinates. Usually the pivot should be set to the center of the object on the plane on which it is placed on floor, wall or ceiling respectively. You can correct pivot in the preview editor.

  8. We currently support all the general max materials including multi-sub material. Vray material is recommended.

  9. It is recommended to name material ID with a relevant names like wood, metal, solis, etc.

  10. If model contains texture maps create .zip archive with a model.

  11. If model contains unsolid textures use UVW map or Unwrap UVW. Most of our textures has a scale 100x100 cm.

3. Model Upload Operation

Model Import

  1. Click Add → My Items → Add Item, pick 3d model and wait till you be able to see the model’s preview. Usually it takes a few minutes. You can also click Done and back to editing later.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface
Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface

2. Name the model/product.

Add brand name.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface

Add title.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Product info

3. Click Catalog and pick a specification. Name an item and click search to find a right category. Lamp an example.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Category

4.Click settings icon for detailed options. You can set placement: floor,wall,ceiling. You can set item's behaviour too.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Settings

5. Fill an aditional fields: link, price, and collection name. After the model is imported you will be able to see your preview.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Brand info
Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Additional fields

6. Set the correct size of a product in the size editor under a preview window.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Size

7. Set the right position of pivot and correct position of a model in the editor. Click Edit at the top riht corner of a model preview.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Pivot

8. Set correct colors and variations by clicking +. Attached maps will be uploaded automatically. You can also upload an additional ones or to pick materials from our textures catalog.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Colors

9. Click Done.

10. After that your model will be imported automatically. Uploading process and thumbnail rendering might take a time. So don't be scared about it and come to check it later.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Notification

11. You can find all the uploaded models in the Catalog - My Items.

Thumbnails and shadows

If you want to change model materials and variations you can repeat issue 5 and new thumbnails will be generated, you can also click Force render thumbnails (all or current variation) at the top right corner in the kebab menu. Thumbnail rendering has to be uploaded in 2 hours. You can notice that thumbnails are replaced with temporary ones. If it doesn’t happen because of a problems with an internet connection click Refresh thumbnails. You can also refresh shadow if it's needed.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Publish settings


Sometimes there is an issues with a high poly models or you get find some issues with a model by your own. In that case you can click Delete icon model and import a new one. Model will be reuploaded and all the model settings will be saved.

Import interface | Room Planner
Import interface - Reupload model


This functon will help to reinstall model in case of a technical bug. Reimport button launches process automatically.


If you want to delete the model click Delete model in the kebab menu in the top right corner of the editing menu or Delete in the left corner below the preview.


If you want to make your model public and allow other users to use it click Publish in the humburger menu at the top right corner of editing menu.

4. Possible Issues

High poly model

Mobile phones doesn’t support high poly models. So we compress them to low poly models and might change the original look of the model. Try to avoid high poly models. The best amount of polyogns is 2000-5000.

Thumbnail Error

(An error occured while rendering shadow and thumbnails)

Click Force render thumbnail in the kebab menu. If it doesn’t work try to click Reimport model in the kebab menu. If it doesn’t work too please write to

Timeout Error

It usually happens because of a poor internet connection or server issues. Try to reupload model later.

Bundle Error

(An error occured while processing the model)

Please write to about the issue.

5. For Business

If you want to share your product with +6M potential clients worldwide now you can apply for business application.

It will help you to increase your average check and reduce your return rate, increase online sales through an additional marketing channel, increase offline sales through the in-store design service, etc.


  • App shows only your brand products

  • Customized app link with your brand logo for your website

  • Includes 1-year Enterprise subscribtion for free and $999 since 2nd year, up to 5 devices

  • Optionally generate QR codes for offline showrooms

  • Get downloadable 3D models and textures of all the products to share it with a designers


  • Can a 3D floor plan and custom 3D models made by our company be shared with any level of user? Free version, Personal, business, enterprise? How do I share a custom library of our company's 3D models?  What level of account does a user need to see custom 3D models created by our company? If you are using customized business application with a 3D model library your 3D models will be available in the main version of a Room Planner as well. You will be able to find it in the section Catalog - Brands - Brand name and also in the specific furniture sections. All the users will be able to use it. Room Planner automatically sort all the new models according to subscribtion type. 30% of models will be available for free, 70% will be available for PRO subscribers and higher.

  • What happens on a personal account when you reach the room limit? Can old rooms be deleted in favor of new rooms? In that case Room Planner will offer you to get a subscribtion with an unlimited amount of rooms. Yes, you can delete old rooms to create a new ones.

  • If I share a floor plan link with another person using floorplanner will that person be able to see updates to the floor plan made after the link is sent? Or will I need to send them a new link each time I make changes. When a new user opens a link of a floor plan Room Planner creates a copy of a project. This way every new user creates his version of a project and can share it as well. So you can control versions of a project creating an unlimitted amount of a new links.

  • Are renders for room planner processed on the device its loaded on ? Or is rendering cloud based? We use cloud based rendering.

Business options:


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Desana Vangorová

Love these new features, although i don't see the option to public my models to others. Maybe it will be available soon?


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Mark Clouse

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