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Room Planer Enterprise for streamlined stand design and sales

Our solution is specifically designed to help businesses design, populate and manage their booths, stands, showcases and showrooms while optimizing customer communication and sales force efficiency.

Room Planner interface

– I used to watch my designer spend days preparing client presentations, but now with this app, we can create them during client meetings in just 1-3 hours. It's never been simpler and quicker to show clients the end results; we just need a tablet at the meeting.

@Scott T, Chief Sales Officer, Room Planner User

1. Stand Editor with Annotations and Tips
Easily design your stands for optimal product placement and visibility, guided by expert advice and suggestions right in touch-friendly 3D-redactor.
(Picture: a man and a woman are standing in an empty room, which is drawn with a pencil. They look at the tablet, which shows a Room Planer and stands with snacks in RP redactor.)

Discover the key features of Room Planer for business

2. Stands Products Configurator
Customise products on stands, manage their to best suit your product offering and sales strategy. Calculate the cost of your order, including stands, products and installation.

3. Stand Content Basket and API Integration
Manage stand contents through our basket feature and seamlessly send data via API to your existing business systems.

4. On-Site Scanning and Instant Floor Plan
Create accurate floor plans by scanning your premises on-site, allowing for seamless stand integration.

5. Sales Team Access Control
Grant and manage access to your software for your sales team, ensuring secure and efficient collaboration.

6. CRM Team Status Tracking
Monitor your sales team's progress and status within your own CRM using our API integration.

7. Special Pricing Offers for Large Teams

Enjoy volume-based pricing, providing significant cost savings for larger teams.

Milya_crm_visualization_90cee64f-a2e7-4690-9280-6f0d56ff35f5 копия.png

8. Augmented Reality (AR) for Business Applications
Leverage AR technology to visualize your stand designs in real-world environments, making adjustments and improvements easier.

Decoration layouts копия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts коия.png
Decoration layouts копия.png

9. AutoCAD Plan Import and 3Ds Max Export
Seamlessly import AutoCAD plans and export stand designs to 3D Max for advanced customization and visualization.


Key benefits of our solution include

  1. Reduced design time + improved visual appeal and product visibility

  2. Accurate space planning for optimal stand placement

  3. Cost-effective pricing and customizable design options

  4. Enhanced team collaboration and real-time performance monitoring

  5. Seamless integration with existing business systems

  6. Immersive AR experiences for advanced visualization

App Plans for Business




Enterprise + product import or modelling services

$59.99 per Month

(paid annually)


For individual designers, small design studios, small furniture stores with design services, real estate agents, sale representatives

$119.99 per Month

(paid annually)


For large enterprises with sales representatives to build internal sales pipeline

$119.99 per Month

(paid annually)

+ $2500 one-time payment


For enterprises without 3D modeling department

Import own products

(upload low-poly 3D models)

Up to 250

Up to 1000

Up to 1000

Import products by Room planner team 

(create products based on photo or any 3D model)

Up to 100

Sales team

Each member requires separate subscription of the same type

Up to 15 members

Up to 100 members

Up to 100 members

App link for website

Launch branded app by the link from the company website. App will include only your branded products

Allow to share and edit plans with branded furniture for all Room Planner users

Allow to make branded furniture available as public for all Room Planner users

Allow to make branded furniture available only internally to sales team

Shopping Cart API

for sales team

(allows exporting list of product from floor plan as orders to accounting software)

Get ZIP archive of created 3D models and seamless textures to put on your website for 3rd party designers


Discover the impact our software can have on your enterprise with a free, no-obligation demo

See how our solution streamlines stand design, boosts sales team performance, and enhances customer communication.

For questions or more information, contact us at
We're eager to help your business achieve new milestones.

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