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  • Free subscription

  • Additional promocodes for active bloggers 

  • Cross-marketing options like blog publication, posts & reposts in social media


Publish Room Planner installation link

and get free subscription

Promocodes for active bloggers

Requirements: 3000+ Instagram or 8000+ TikTok followers

Optional: your audience's interest in interior design

  • 1 week of PRO subscription for each mention of RoomPlaner in a post during the week

  • 1 month of Enterprise subscription for weekly mentions throughout the month

  • Annual subscription for special formats that are agreed upon separately after our call

  • Room planner promocodes to offer to your audience

Here are some ideas for content, but you can use your own for sure

Social media

  1. Video “Try this amazing app” - showing the process and emotions from using an app. Overview of the application and features: 2D and 3D layouts, renderers and panoramas, statistics based on areas, shopping list, etc.

  2. “Before and after” - photo of a real room before renovation and interior design photo from Room Planner from the same camera position.

  3. Video “Design Ideas” - explore projects in the Room planner inspiration feed or your own with comments. Like«Great solution for a tiny bedroom», «How to organize space in a kitchen» or smth else.

  4. Video “How to design a room in 10 minutes” - a process of making a simple room design. Or even 10 minutes design against 1 hour design with a results.

  5. Video “Recreating the interior” - how to recreate famous interior from movies or famous place in Room Planner.

Blog publications

In addition, we can provide publications in our blog as a bonus. It has about 150k visitors per month.

  1. Interview with a designer. We can send questions if needed.

  2. 10 professional advice for (choose room type) from a professional interior designer.

  3. Your project overview.

CTA (short phrases you can use for description) examples

  1. If you are making a renovation and wanna try your skills in the interior design field it's definitely worth subscribing to Room Planner. Join now and cancel any time.

  2. Great tool for interior design enthusiasts and design beginners. Join now and cancel any time

  3. Join me in the interior design journey and let's create stunning interiors together. 

  4. Save your time and money creating interiors in the Room Planner. I usually spend 10x less time using this app. The way more easy then ArchiCAD or analogues.

  5. Get everything you need for interior design in one place: floorplans, visualisations, statistics, shopping list, etc.

Submission form

If you want to write about us feel free to download logo and additional materials.

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