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  • The Beginner’s Guid
    Step 1. If you are new here you may start with a free tutorials to learn how to work with a Room Planner App. It will helps you to create your first interior. Also, click Room Design Wizard option in the room settings and Show tips button. You will see the instructions and tips regarding how to use the app. Step 2. Check the Blog. We regularly publish here an information about all the major software updates. Step 3. Subscribe our Instagram and Pinterest to learn more about an interior design and get inspiration. Step 4. Check Find ideas menu. There is a lot of inspiring ideas created by our users. You can also publish your designs to the personal portfolio. Step 5. Don't forget to check FAQ updates. We regularly add most popular questions here.
  • Ultimate kitchen guide
  • How do I create a project?
    There are a few options. 1. You can choose the My Floor Plans option or one of the room types in the Home page: Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, etc. Just tap the plus sign and create the room! Then choose a room shape or draw walls from scratch. You can also add a background image and measure the space. 2. You can find and save rooms from the Find Ideas page. Click Edit on the picture you would like to edit. Also, you can save ideas using the Star button. Saved ideas will be available on the Home page - Saved Ideas.
  • How do I save a project and find it later?
    All the projects automatically save all changes. You can explore your projects on the Home page - My Rooms.
  • How do I delete a saved design?
    Go to the Home page - choose one of the room types, My Floor Plans, for example - tap Edit in the top right corner - choose the projects you want to delete and click the trash button.
  • How do I scale my floor plan? How do I zoom in and out?
    Use 2 fingers to upscale floor plan.
  • How do I add room to my floorplan?
    Start drawing floor plan from scratch and add all the necessary rooms using Add room function in the Build Catalog menu or draw rooms manually.
  • How to create a floorplan from scratch?
  • How do I add second and additional floors?
    Go to furniture catalog - Build section - Click Add level - Pick an option Add level or Add Lower Level - Name it
  • How do I share my project?
  • If I share a floor plan link with another person using Room Planner will that person be able to see updates to the floor plan made after the link is sent?
    When a new user opens a link of a floor plan Room Planner creates a copy of a project. This way every new user creates his version of a project and can share it as well. So you can control versions of a project creating an unlimitted amount of a new links.
  • How do I move the wall?
    Open 2D plan - tap Edit Room - choose the wall you want to move - drag it with your fingers or set a new room size using the wall settings (only for PRO users).
  • How do I change the wall's height, length, and thickness?
    Tap the wall in either 2D or 3D mode - tap Size icon - set dimensions in the Wall Size menu.
  • How do I hide the wall?
    Tap the wall - click More icon ... - choose Hide wall option.
  • How to remove or to add plinths and ceiling moldings?
    To remove or to add moldings, tap the wall - click More icon ... - choose option Add Plinths or Add Molding.
  • How do I see the 2D plan of the walls and ceiling?
    Tap on the wall or ceiling - click More icon ... - click Go to 2D.
  • How can I recolor one particular wall and ceiling?
    Click the wall or ceiling and choose palette button. * If you want to recolor all the walls - click Apply to all.
  • How do I open/close the door in the room?
    Click the door - choose More ... - Choose option "Open/Close"
  • How do I enter the room using door?
    1. Click the door - click Enter Room. 2. Doouble click the door.
  • How to add rooms and rotate them?
  • How to create round room or round corner?
  • How to make an open floor plan?
  • How to create split-level room?
  • How do I create 3d floor plan by photo?
  • Furniture settings you need to know
  • How do I move or rotate an item?
    To move an item, tap it and drag your finger in 3D or 2D mode. To rotate an item, choose one of the ways: 1. Choose an item in 3D mode - tap the rotation button - drag icon to rotate the item. 2. Choose an item in 3D mode - click more icon ... - Click Position & Rotation - Set the Rotation degree. 3. Choose an item - open 2D mode - tap the rotation button - and rotate the item with a free degree.
  • How do I change the size of an item?
    Choose an item - click size icon - drag resize markers or click dimentions and set the exact size.
  • How do I change the position/height of an item?
    Two ways here: 1. Select an item - click Size icon - drag Height icon. 2. Select an item - click More ... - Click Posaition & Rotation Icon - set Height above floor.
  • How do I change the furniture color or texture?
    Choose an item - tap round color icon - choose a variation or click Edit Colors (PRO option) to set colors from materials gallery. You can upload custom image using Choose from Gallery button.
  • Can I create custom furniture?
    You can use Construction items from our catalog to create new furniture and customize it as you want. Also, using Constructions you can create multi-level floors and ceilings, sloped ceilings, unusual forms of walls, etc.
  • How do I place item to the furniture?
    Choose an item an drag it to place at the right place or use height function (size menu) for detailed customization.
  • How do I add a picture frame?
    You can pick the picture with a frame in the catalog. Go Catalog - Decoration - Pictures - Filter Framed art. Also, you can upload your own 3D model or 2D picture. Go to My items in the Catalog (the model will be available in the Catalog) or click Choose from Gallery (the model will be available in your project only).
  • How do I add a window view?
    Tap the window - click More icon ... - click Choose view - choose an image or upload custom one.
  • How do I add curtains?
    There are two ways: 1. Tap the window - click More icon ... - click Choose curtains button - choose one of the options in the menu. 2. Go to Catalog - Decoration - Curtains (attached to window) or Ceiling Curtains (attached to ceiling) and choose one of the options in the menu.
  • How do I add a windowsill?
    Go to Catalog - Windows and Doors - Window sill.
  • How do I add a window shutters?
    Go to Catalog - Windows and Doors - Shutters.
  • How can I add my items to the catalog?
    Go to Catalog - More - My items - Click + icon. You can add 3D and 2D items. Read requirements.
  • How to upload custom items: characters, pets, pictures, window view?
  • How do I take a photo/rendering?
    Tap the photo icon "Take a Photo" in the top right corner of a room and follow the instructions.
  • How do I take a 360 panorama?
    Click Take a photo - Switch to Panorama.
  • How do I change photo/rendering size?
    Choose the quality of the photo in the top right corner. The full HD size is available for PRO accounts only. The 4K size is available for Commercial accounts only.
  • How do I change view on a photo?
    Hold 2 fingers (or click scroll on PC mouse) on your phone screen/touchpad and pull up or down.
  • How do I make an evening or morning lighting?
    Go to Photo - Click Lighting - choose one of the presets or click settings and set brightness, color temperature, sun position, sun height and artificial lighting (turn off or turn on lighting fixtures on a renderer).
  • Can I View My Interiors in AR Glasses?
    Yes, it is possible to view your interiors in AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. Our platform is designed to be compatible with a wide range of AR glasses, including popular models such as: Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap One, Google Glass, Epson Moverio, Oculus, Meta Glasses, Apple Glasses, etc. 360 panorama example.
  • Are renders for room planner processed on the device its loaded on or is rendering cloud based?
    We use cloud based rendering.
  • How to add floors and create flat roof
  • How to create a gable roof
  • How to create a fancy facade
  • How to create an outdoor space, terrace or balcony
  • How to create a swimming pool
    You can find specific items in the catalog. Click Add Furniture-Rooms-Outdoor Space-Swimming pool.
  • How to create slopped ceiling
  • How to make a stair opening
  • How to create mezzanine
  • How to create custom wardrobe or cabinet
  • How to lift up the floor or to make a lower ceiling
  • How to create wall mounterd toilet
  • How to create custom glass shower screen, countertop or shelve
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