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Interior Design

Decoration guide

After you have major design skills it's time to hop to decoration part.

Decoration layouts

Learn how to place decoration and art pieces in the interior.


There is some simple tips that will help you to decorate the space.

  • Follow the form. Combine elements trying to repeat the form of triangle.

  • Mix layers. An example you can add two layers of pictures or combination of vase and picture.

  • Combine different heights of decor elements.

  • Mix materials with a similar colors or in the same color palette.

  • Triangle rule. Combine items into a triangle to balance your decoration.

  • Don't forget that decor elements can be functional too and it's cool when under the nice cover you can see the practical approach.


How to display wall art?

The best zones where you can place a wall art:

  • Sofa - better if the art will be 2/3 of the sofa width.

  • Fireplace - better if the art will be 2/3 of the sofa width. Hang art 20-30 cm above from the mantle.

  • Stairs - measure up from every third step to form a diagonal line.

  • Table - consider hanging art a bit lower to factr in your seated viewing height.


To get the right height you can use the museum approach:

145 cm + half the length of your painting - distance from wire at full tension to the top of the frame.

Also, we've prepared the set of layouts. So don't hesitate to save and use it in your interiors.



Pillows create a nice touch of chic in your interior. Learn how to combine it.



Simple rules will make your rug fit the room just perfect!

  • Follow the form
    It's simple! Rectangle furniture + rectangle rug, round furniture + round rug.

  • Follow the size
    Pick a rug that fits furniture size and use rugs for space zoning as an option

  • Connect items
    It look better when your furniture a little bit crosses the rug area or placed inside the rug area completely

This isn't over

Keep learning about interior design in our blog to sharpen your skills.

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