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Interior Design Course

Become an interior designers from scratch



Who is the interior designer, types of interior designers, myths and stereotypes about designers, skills you need to achieve.

Stages of interior design

How many stages are there in the interior design? What are the features of each of them?


Create a design concept

Learn iterior design processes and establish a relationships with the client on the first design stage.

Measure a client's space

Learn how to make accurate measurements and create floorplans in the Room Planner app.

Man Measuring Window

Plan a space
in 1-2-3

Learn what is space design and how to create a practical, vibrant, and beautiful interior space that your clients will love.

Zone a space and place furniture

Ergonomics in the interior design is the process of designing or arranging the furniture the way they fit the people who use them. Learn more about it.

Color theory in a nutshell

In the visual arts, color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. Let’s figure our how is the main theory works.

Choose an interior style

Learn about interior design styles, how to combine styles, and how to create your own.

Brass Lamps

Set a lighting

Lighting strongly affects our life and there is a lot of issues showing up during the design process. Learn about lighting types, lighting scenarios, light layers and how to arrange lighting.

Organize project documentation

Learn about project documentation the designer needs to provide to the client before renovation.


Learn about basic interior and use all the knowledges you have to create a final project using our guides.

Create a design portfolio

Proffesional advices about creating a  portfolio.

Designer's World
Meeting with Clients

Learn how to get your first clients

Few ideas about how you can get your first clietns, helpful resources and recommendations.

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