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Increase sales of your product and reduce return rate with Room Planner

  • 4.5 average rating, 135K reviews

  • 2M+ monthly active users

  • 28 languages

  • All mobile and desktop platforms

Room Planner interface

With Room Planner You Can

  • increase your average check and reduce your return rate

  • increase online sales through an additional marketing channel

  • increase offline sales through the in-store design service

  • help clients with a decision, online or offline

  • increase brand awareness on the local market or even international one

  • create virtual showrooms without having a rent

  • create realistic visualization for the website

  • to show your product to +20M users worldwide (6.1% users visit a product website)

  • have a mobile app for iOS/Android, which is much faster and convenient for users than web apps

How do we help your customers make a purchase?

With Room Planner  your clients will be able

  • to understand how the product will look like in the exact interior

  • to understand how the product will combine with different ones

  • to understand if the style fits

  • to understand the whole plan of the interior without hiring a designer

  • to get ready-made interior ideas

  • to create a high-quality realistic visualization

  • to get a full shopping list for the interior and then buy products


  1. The customer selects furniture on the online store, and in their shopping cart, they come across a QR code and a link prompting them to download the app.

  2. After downloading the app, they use it to design the room and visualize how the furniture will appear. They can also add additional items that catch their eye and decide to make additional purchases.

  3. Once satisfied with their selection, the customer opens the shopping list and proceeds to the website to complete the purchase.


  1. When a customer is selecting furniture, the consultant encourages them to craft a design project on a tablet within the sales area. Alternatively, the customer can scan a QR code to download the app on their phone and design on the go.

  2. This enables the customer to swiftly create a design project, visualize a stunning outcome, and promptly make an online purchase without waiting in line.

  3. If the consultant creates the design project, they can also generate a shopping list containing the required SKUs, which can be printed and given to the customer for making the purchase.

How it works

  1. ​You need to upload 3D models or product images for importing into app to our website.

  2. We are importing your products into the app. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks. After that we will generate your personal app link with a logo on the onboarding for your website. You can also receive already imported 3D files for designers by request.

  3. By the link your client can install an app with only your products and some default furniture or decoration items. It helps to visualize an interior and to make a decision. The application will generate a Shopping List with all the links to the products, or we can implement the transfer of the list to the shopping cart on your site through API optionally.

  4. You can use an app for free for a year and $999 since 2nd year. Up to 5 devices.

Bonus 1

You can organize design corners in your stores where sales managers or customers themselves on tablets can plan interiors. It will help to your clients to make a decision


Bonus 2

You can also earn extra profit on interior design services. The average time to create a room design is 30 minutes. We have free video tutorials for staff training. This is 10x faster than using traditional interior design tools like 3ds Max or Sketchup, and this service is very popular at IKEA


Add your product to our catalog to share it with

+6M potential clients and increase your brand awareness

photo_2022-05-23 13.57.48.jpeg


Create attractive designs and 360 tours for your clients in a few minutes


Customize app
with your own logo for retail centers

Share your product with +6M potential clients worldwide


6.1% CTR

Top countries by users

Customers will find it more convenient to work with the mobile app. It runs significantly faster than browser apps and have more user-friendly interface. According to Amazone's data, up to 45% of shoppers come to an online store from a mobile devices, and their share continues to grow

App Plans for Business



Add up to 100 products to catalog (up to 3 color variations for each). Includes the ability to create and add products (3D objects or materials) to the catalog based on images on the site or a finished 3D model.

  • App shows only your brand products

  • Customized app link with your brand logo for your website

  • Includes 1-year Enterprise subscribtion for free and $999 since 2nd year, up to 5 devices

  • Optionally generate QR codes for offline showrooms 

  • Get downloadable 3D models and textures of all the products to share it with a designers

$3499  $4500

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