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What's new - release 9.9.0

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Hi there! We've been working on a lot of amazing updates for you. Stay tuned to explore all of them.

We know that there are many talented designers among you. And it's really important for us to support you and create new tools to make your work convenient.

Portfolio functionality

Now you can share your talents right here — that’s why we've launched the Portfolio page. Just go to your account page (renamed Portfolio) to publish your photo renderers.

Like and comment on work from interior designers worldwide and enjoy connecting with the professional community.

Portfolio page | Room Planner
Portfolio page
Find Ideas menu | Room Planner
Find Ideas menu

Watch our short explanation video to figure new functionality.

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Anders Soft
Anders Soft
29 nov. 2023

Kelly Office plays a pivotal role in the success of offices. Their expertise in providing office supplies, technology solutions, and support services is invaluable. From streamlining operations to enhancing productivity, they are a trusted partner for offices looking to thrive in today's dynamic business environment. Kelly Office Solutions truly understands the unique needs of offices, making them an essential asset for any workplace.

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