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Today we gonna show you the new features in the Room Planner App. Do not miss it!

Living Room | Room Planner
Living Room

New Room Types

  • Closet

  • Gym

  • Laundry

  • Home Cinemas/Theaters

  • Cafe and Bar

  • Outdoor Space

Find ideas interface | Room Planner
Find ideas interface


  • Niche

  • Regular opening

Openings | Room Planner

Slopes menu

Now you can repaint slopes to any color/texture

Slopes menu | Room Planner
Slopes menu


Now you can add lower level as well

Basement | Room Planner

Height above floor

You can use this functionality to make the things fly (or just to put it at the right place)!

Height above floor | Room Planner
Height above floor

Download Room Planner:


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