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Top 5 Ceiling Design Ideas For 2023

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The design of ceilings is the first thing to focus on when repairing an apartment or private home. The good sculptural design of ceilings pleases the eye and creates a harmonious bold ensemble with walls, windows, furniture, and floor. Designers are ready to guide interesting solutions today - classic and innovative art pattern that make you feel the source of energy.

Choose the Ideas for Ceiling Designs: What to Look for?

Today, the repair architectural industry is ready to offer various non-traditional materials to reproduce your idea. Ceilings are made of plasterboard, brick, polystyrene foam boards, lined with Belenko wooden boards, traditional wallpaper is pasted. It is also fashionable to expose ceilings and communications, but this option is not simple and cheap. If you want to repair the ceiling yourself - the designer will have to choose according to the capabilities. In this case, help with the usual paint and wallpaper.

At the stage of preliminary planning should take into account:

  • the size of the room;

  • desired style, shadow color scheme;

  • availability of selected materials;

  • type of lighting;

  • cost of work.

Importantly! In a small house or a cramped apartment, the size of the rooms plays a priority role. It is often wise to stay on a flat warmth light ceiling without decor if you live on the fifth floor, for example, so you can add space, give space to artificial light, and reduce labor costs.

Choose Ceiling Designs Ideas Materials

Materials for finishing ceilings in the interior give a place to keep creativity. But not all of them are affordable and appropriate for a residential building. Let's compare the pros and cons of different ways of decorating ceilings:

Stretch Ceiling

Easy and quick to install, aesthetically pleasing, can have a mirror effect, which is especially beneficial for tiny rooms. PVC stencil film "adjusts" to the texture of the layered wall, and allows a variety of types of decor, including plant combinations of different colors for the wall layer not to be boring, etc.

Pasting with Photo Wallpaper

This method of piece processing has many benefits. It is fast and "clean", does not require special skills, and can be performed without the involvement of outsiders. However, first, the self-taught master will have to level the ceiling, giving it a perfect geometric shape. Also, this option is not a very practical choice for the bathroom and kitchen, although today there are photo wallpapers, specially prepared for rooms with high humidity.

Covering with Expanded Polystyrene Plates

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and securely hide electrical wires and communications.


A great option for the "problem" surface - allows you to hide bumps, and allows a great variety of ways to decorate.

Plastic Panels

This is an inexpensive and fairly simple type of finish, but it is difficult to call it beautiful and modern. Extremely rarely used in living rooms, sometimes - in the hallway, bathroom, toilet.

Whitewashing is a very cheap and unpretentious type of treatment, quite durable, environmentally friendly, and simple. Today it is rarely used, although it has only one drawback: it soils the floor and walls during repairs.

Ceiling Designing in the Bedroom

Environmentally friendly materials and a restrained palette of shades are encouraged in the living room. The design of the ceiling in the bedroom is rarely original. The best option is a one-level stretch ceiling or construction drywall. Bright wallpaper and modern types of whitewash also look great. To achieve true comfort, the design of the bedroom ceiling should harmonize with the other environment. The easiest way to achieve this is to combine related shades of the same color and the optimal location of the lighting fixture.

Designers do not recommend choosing ceilings in the bedroom, the design of which steals space, looks bizarre, and complicated. Three-dimensional compositions, multi-level decor, and cassette solutions are rarely used here - too, too dark and acidic shades are not welcome. But sometimes the dark color looks great - if you do photo wallpaper or order a glossy stretch ceiling.

Ceiling Design in the Kitchen

Utilitarian premises dictate their choice of materials. The original ceiling, kitchen, and design of innovative style are quite compatible. But the wallpaper here is hardly appropriate. However, hinged structures are popular, and are not afraid:

  • scale and dirt;

  • evaporation;

  • temperature differences;

  • high humidity.

The design of the kitchen ceiling has to be chosen especially carefully, as this is where the ceiling is exposed to the least gentle mode of operation. Fat splashes on them, water often gets, and colored spots appear. At the same time, bright lighting makes these flaws visible and unpleasant. Therefore, choosing the design of the ceiling in the kitchen, prefer tension structures, expanded polystyrene boards, wood, and aluminum.

New Ceiling Designs in the Living Room

In the reception room, the decoration requires special decisions. The design of living room ceilings is subject to the general style. Any solutions and materials that do not contradict the general concept are good here. Appropriate bright and pastel shades, wood and metal, exquisite decor, and simple whitewashing. If space allows, you can make a complex design of the ceiling in the hall: make multi-level structures with mirrors, wooden, metal, or fabric element, as well as visually divide the room into functional zones. The main task is to adhere to the chosen style.

Features of Finishing in Utilitarian Premises

When arranging a bathroom, or hallway, prefer a simple but functional decor. Guests rarely pay attention to the design of the ceiling in the corridor. Simple white photo wallpapers in this area are often the best solution. But the design of the ceiling in the bathroom should be to the liking of all who live in the house and harmonize with the walls, color plumbing, and furniture.

Photo Wallpaper and Ceiling Designs

If you do the repairs yourself, the most optimal option for ceiling treatment - is painting, whitewashing, and wallpaper. Professionals must install tension structures, and special skills are required when working with plates. But almost everyone can paste wallpaper.

In addition to ease of use, photo wallpapers allow you to recreate a variety of ceiling designs:

  • seascape;

  • city ​​streets;

  • different states of nature;

  • starry sky;

  • outer space;

  • flowering garden;

  • and more.

It is easy to choose an option that will expand the space, and emphasize the benefits of the chosen lighting. You can buy photo wallpapers with 3D effects. They will create additional volume, visually turning a cramped room into a space without borders. Download the Room Planner App to visualize your perfect ceiling and choose the right one before buying the material.

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