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Top 4 kitchen layout options | Room Planner Blog

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Kitchen is a very important place in the house, so when you decide what it will be like, the most important thing is to correlate what you have to what you need. But whatever requirements you have, it’s necessary to remember that the main purpose of the kitchen is cooking, so it should be comfortable to use all the elements of design and layout.

The main points to remember

Before choosing some design, you should take critical points into consideration. The first is the rule of the triangle in any kitchen: your kitchen appliance layout should be made in a way so that there is a free movement between three key elements in the kitchen. The order of movements between the appliances is based on the following logic:

  1. you take some products from the fridge;

  2. then you have to wash and clean them;

  3. finally, you prepare them for cooking and cook with the stove.

Moving from one point to another your ideal kitchen layout should not have any objects which stand in your way.

Then, think about the space you possess and how to organize it. With the proper organization you can provide the best usability with not much space involved. Though, if you have a big room as a kitchen, the question is to divide it into zones for cooking and having leisure time, for everything to be comfortable.

Single-wall sample of kitchen designs

This type of planning allows you to save the space in case you have a tiny kitchen. Here the movements do not form a triangle but a simple line, but the order “fridge-sink-stove” has to be saved.

To make it more comfortable to use, in the kitchen there can be an integrated pantry. Use it for product storage, and in case you need something, there’s no need to leave the kitchen. Create an open-shelved storage with decorative and beautiful functional elements to make it more cozy. It would be appropriate with the rustic style implemented.

The model of the single-wall kitchens allows its owners to use the rest of space as a socializing place. If you have a dining room, you don’t need a big table in the kitchen, and it’s possible to have just a little table with a couple of seats. If there’s no place designed as a dining room in your house, use the advantages of the banquette seating. This place can be used with more profit if there are storage places implemented under the seats, for example, it’s a good comfortable place to spend time together and to have meals.

For some tiny or middle-sized kitchens to feel more airy, use the most possible ways to let the natural light enter the place.

Galley model for kitchen

This design layout for kitchen supposes two parallel tables with the walking space between them. Fridge and the hob are placed from one side, and the sink – from another, all the other space of the counter is used as a worktop.

One of the biggest advantages of these types of kitchen designs is the possibility of keeping the communication running with no rupture in the process of cooking. For this, on the opposite side of the table where the stove is there can be installed some kind of a table like a bar counter (or it can be just the same countertop). It allows you to use the time and space with the greatest efficiency, as all the cabinets, drawers and shelves are possible to organize for saving the energy for necessary movements.

Except for a functional kitchen layout every owner wants it to be pleasant to spend time in. So using some extra space which you have on the counters and shelves, it’s possible to decorate the premise a little, to give it a more homely touch.

The shape of U

These design plans for kitchens offer the possibility to place every key appliance in the kitchen on the different side of a counter. This is the variant where we often see the sink under the window, but the placement of the hob and fridge is not so important – the triangle functions properly anyway.

As there are three sides involved, you have more options to organize work and to store the furnishing and products. The smart kitchen layout has every supporting element like kitchen furnishing placed according to the key elements, and the U shape allows to make it in the most simple and logical way.

The most probable presence of the window in this planning opens the new decoration possibilities before you, as well as a chance to use the daylight in a way most comfortable for your needs.

L-shaped and derivatives

This planning can be met often, thanks to its versatile nature. It allows you to use the space above and below the countertop with a lot of profit, and furthermore - it’s possible to modify it. With the modifications of the countertop length, it’s possible to enlarge the functional surface and the space for socialization.

If you change the direction of the enlarged counter, you’ll receive the G-shaped sample (or peninsula layout). With this solution, you can use an extra space as a bar counter, for decorative elements, or as another storage area.

Island kitchen layouts are created just by adding a separate table with the worktop and space for storing things to the L-shaped (or single-wall) layout. You have no key element implemented into the ‘island’, but this space serves you well again as a functional detail and a socializing place. Kitchen plans with islands are also good for decoration abilities in the kitchen.

In other words, you can reach the best results of efficiency with any type of layout, as there is no universal ideal kitchen design. But using a Room Planner App there is a chance for you to create your own, using any layout type you liked the most.

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