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If you like to cook and arrange feasts, you probably dream of decor ideas for kitchen island or even plan to get it. An island is a kitchen unit, which is installed not at the wall, but in the middle of the room. And it can be just a work surface, a storage place, equipped with a:

  • sink;

  • appliances;

  • any sliding structures.

As a rule, there is nothing above the island, except for lamps and, perhaps, hoods, but still, situations are different, and everyone has their idea of ​​the dream kitchen. You can add some extra place to cook and at the same time, create a neutral cozy atmosphere with the help of a pantry island.

We have made a selection to inspire you to cook with the island. It seems to many that the island is only for very large and expensive kitchens, that it takes up a lot of space, looks heavy and ugly, it does not make much sense - only inconveniences. We hope you make sure that the island is comfortable, beautiful, and functional if you choose the option that suits you. Download the Room planner app to try it in your kitchen.

Ideas on Kitchen Islands: A Very Long Island

Let's start with luxurious kitchen island decor ideas that will fit only in a large house. And yet, how convenient it is when the black curved work surface and dining table are combined into one.

Marble Island

Marble is one of our favorite materials: it looks great, combines any texture and color, is practical and ideal for the island - because it is supposed to be a decoration in the kitchen.

Country Style Island

The most popular and unique kitchen island ideas are wood countertops. We advise you to choose a contrasting shade or texture to zone the kitchen.

Double Island

The owners of this kitchen have emphasized the difference between the breakfast table and the work surface with a countertop. And the truth, to eat at a wooden table is much more pleasant.

Square Island

It is believed that the island should be rectangular. We will dispel this myth and start with a square shape - such a table will fit all the plates and there will still be room for decoration in the center.

Kitchen Ideas with an Island: Island with Storage Space

The kitchen island has many advantages and functions. For example, it is simply designed for open shelves where you can store decor, dishes, books, and products.

Island with a Hood

And here is an unusual idea with a hood in the middle of the room above the island. Shelves can also be attached to it, the contents of which should be attractive because they will be visible from afar. The excellent industrial version of 3D project design.

Round Island

Yes, the island, in general, can have any shape, including the wrong one, especially if a rectangle or square in your kitchen does not fit. The fewer sharp corners, the less chance of accidentally hitting them.

Kitchen Ideas with Islands: Multilevel Island

It is a very practical and correct idea to cook on one level, and to raise the dining area so that dirt and water do not get on it. This makes it easier to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

An Island on Wheels

Yes, there is not always room for an island in a small kitchen. So just push it aside! An island on wheels can be of any size, even very large, and then it can either be rolled out of the room or simply moved to the wall.

A Very Small Island

And no one is saying that the island should be huge. To make coffee or cut cheese, you need a little space, and this place may well be in the middle of the kitchen.

The Island as a Dining Table

It is believed that the kitchen island may not be the main dining table in the house, but today we are breaking stereotypes!

Ideas for Islands in Kitchens: Multifunctional Island

Know that the island is not just a place. It can store a lot of useful things - all kitchen utensils.

An Island for a Pet

Often bowls of cats and dogs are scattered throughout the kitchen, interfere with your feet, and just look unattractive. The owners of this kitchen have found a simple and elegant solution.

The Island by the Window

We are also used to thinking that an island should always be in the middle of the room, otherwise it is not an island. But how good is natural light? Put the island closer to the window, so it will be more convenient.

Table Island

If you do not like a heavy, full of boxes and appliances island, you can use instead a large and high table. Behind it, you can sit on a bar stool, and you can cook dinner with the whole family.

Island for Small Kitchen Ideas: An Island on Legs

A heavy and massive island is not a prerequisite, it can be on legs and still have roomy storage boxes.

Narrow Island

Perhaps such a narrow island will fit a little, but you can turn it into a bar, a place for snacks and buffets.

Metal Island

Wood is the main material for creating kitchens, but the island can also be made of metal. It looks unusual and catches the eye from afar.

Kitchen with Island Design Ideas: Bright Island

Remember that the island is not hidden, it should be a feature of the kitchen, its main decoration, and even an art object. Therefore, it can be painted in a contrasting or just an unexpected shade.

Suspended Island

Part of the island can act as in this photo, not take up space on the floor and be convenient for feasts.

Monolithic Island

And how do you like this solid bar of concrete, which has no traces of seams and fasteners? Looks like a sculpture in the kitchen.

Decorative Kitchen Island Ideas: An Island without Corners

Designers will always choose a solution for you that no one has seen before. Here, for example, there is no corner. Not a single opportunity to hit and scratch.

Sparkling Island

Use trends to emphasize the originality of your cuisine. This original leg sparkles with brass and turns the island into interior decor.

Levitating Island

It's great that the dining part of this island has no legs! It is very comfortable to sit behind it, and the interior seems light and airy, although it weighs a lot.

In short, we tried to reveal all possible variations for this interesting element of the kitchen. And finally, one more piece of advice: think carefully about future planning. When installing an island, be sure to leave enough free space, otherwise, you risk "overloading" the kitchen.

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