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Storage ideas for small kitchens | Room Planner

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Like most other areas, the kitchen also has storage spaces in it. In the big kitchen there is no limitation of cabinets. But if yowant to increase the storage space on a small space here is some tips that may help you.

Use vertical space

  • One high cabinet equels to 3 general cabinets by size

  • Separate cabinet layout to different storage zones with an exact size of shelves according to your needs

  • Use container stands as an additional shelf inside the cabinets

  • You can create a bottle drawer near the stove to keep oils and detergents

  • Wall racks for seasonings and kicthen supplies

Boxes and additional shelves

  • Store boxes under the seating or under the table

  • If you have a large window space you can also use it for additional storage

Underfloor storage

In a Japanese houses there is an additional space under the floor. You can use this idea when your plannig the house or to built an additional level in the existing kitchen. This space will be perfect to keep preserves or something you use rare.

Window storage

In the Soviet Union there was a special cabinet outside the window which they used as an additional fridge wintertime. So if you live in the cold region you can use this solution as well.

Open kitchen

If your kitchen combined with a living room it’s unnecesary to keep everything in the kitchen zone. You can place your kitchen devices and tableware in the living zone cabinets if you don’t use it on daily basis.


Do not increase the storage but decrease the amount of items.

Sometimes we keep a lot of stuff we don’t use. Gifted tableware that will never mutch your design, useless emotional purchases, expired food, or even pharamacy.

If you feel that there is no more space in your kitchen maybe it’s time to clean it up to breath free. There is a tradition in Italy to through old things in New Year. It might bring something new next year. For sure, will be better to give your stuff someone who needs it or to recycling.

In addition, overconsumption has bad influence to the ecology. The reality is so. Better to think twice before you buying something next time. Ask yourself - how often I will use this item, can I borrow it somewhere else?

Maybe you can follow this nice tradition this year and your life will be more conscious and happy.

We wish you all the best in 2023! Thank you for choosing us!

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As for me, the restaurant should definitely know about this. Especially in establishments where there is a restaurant check holder and similar things

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