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What's new - release 10.29

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We've decided to devote this year to improving the functions that would be helpful for interior designers. We plan to add a lot of new furniture to the catalog, to improve the interface and quality of images.



All requests regarding what to add new we regularly collect from the app community.

You can always find new items in the New Arrivals section.

What's new:

  • commercial furniture for public spaces

  • outdoor furniture

  • laundry and cleaning items

  • new sinks and faucets

  • build in storage

  • new kitchen and bathroom decor

  • new plants

  • new Ikea items

  • new brands like Amazon, Wayfair, Alessi, Smeg, etc

Walking mode

We fixed bugs with a 3d motion and have changed moving control by your requests. Now you can enter the room by click on the door menu 'Enter Room' or you can go through the door/window using 2 fingers.

2D Cut-Outs

We've added realistic cutouts of people and plants which are turning together with a camera.

Panorama view

Now you can create realistic 360 panoramas of your rooms. You can find this functionality in the Photo mode. When the panorama is ready you can turn your phone with a picture and see how the interior could look like from different angles.

Photo| Room Planner
Photo | Room Planner

What's next

We plan:

  • to add more furniture

  • to improve the quality of 360 panoramas

  • to add collections sorted by style

  • import option - you will be able to add your own photos as 2d objects, including friends, plants, or pieces of furniture

  • to add new surprising features

Enjoy the app and follow our updates!

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