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Purple Bedroom Ideas You'll Love

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The design of such an important room as a bedroom is of great importance. Every day begins with it and ends in it. Here a person rests, and everything that surrounds him must be filled with peace and comfort. Of course, the style of the bedroom design is important - it must correspond to the concept of peace and relaxation touch. Below, we will discuss how to make an Instagram looking purple bedroom with a green spruce shine and add a bit of cookie hue accent.

Purple for Bedroom: Brightness to Change Neutrality

Not so long ago, any knof bright color in the design of the living bedroom, including furniture, was perceived as something foreign. Mostly relaxing, calm, neutral, and for many just boring paint colors were used. Light walls, bed linen is exclusively white. All this was so standard and incorporate, that people got tired very quickly.

The result is a real revolution: the penetration of bright purple. This was the most progressive, even daring decision. And its shades can be present in wall decoration, textiles for windows, furniture upholstery, bedspreads, sheets, and other accessories.

Importantly! The purple Leigh color is pairing with a more familiar white. They create wonderful life harmony and balance. Although for many, such a combination is quite amazing. You can keep the bed purple and make a headboard Jones white style.

This solution is chosen mainly by young people, those who love experiments and boldly go for them. Sometimes this option is considered by middle-aged people, but most often it is creative chic people who know what style is.

An unobtrusive play of lavender and plum colors creates an atmosphere of soothing comfort. You can get an elegant lavender pillow piece or a curtain and create an awesome ltd feeling and setting.

It is unlikely that the considered design will be implemented by those who have no experience in design. It will be difficult to combine everything organically, and the result will be, put mildly, unexpected. If you give it all into the hands of a designer, the result is sure to please.

Purple in Bedroom: Why Purple?

The considered color of the white-violet combination is still prominent, as white plays a role rather than the background. Get the color by mixing two - blue and red in different proportions. The options for shades are endless.

This is very beneficial when decorating the bedroom, and all because the mood of the room can vary from dark, almost black, to light purple, which is difficult to distinguish from pink. As a result - the bedroom can be brutally masculine or gentle-girlish.

Such opportunities are very advantageous when choosing furniture and accessories. You can see one common shade, but the mood is different.

Another reason why purple should be preferred - is a variety of shades:

  • fuchsia;

  • plum;

  • purple - light;

  • lavender;

  • eggplant;

  • violet;

  • purple-blue;

  • purple-red.

They are very different, which helps to fill the room with the mood that the owner needs.

If you approach the design of the bedroom with special responsibility, the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

Importantly! The white and purple bedroom helps to overcome the accumulated stress during the day, soothes and adjusts to complete relaxation.

Purple Bedroom Wall: Psychological Significance

It also does not hurt to understand the symbolism of color before using it in your bedroom. Yes, this color is described as:

  • inspired;

  • wise;

  • ruling;

  • noble;

  • creative;

  • somewhat rude.

He was always present in the clothes of kings and priests. Also, this shade is preferred by creative people. There is evidence that it balances the masculine and feminine, making them one. That is why the relevance of color is high in the couple's bedroom, especially for young people who are still "grinding" with each other.

Purple Decor for Bedroom: The Dream Is "Royal"

Psychologists unanimously say that purple helps to fight despair, depression, and neurosis, but do not we all want to get rid of it before bedtime, discarding all the hustle and bustle of the past day and rest quietly?

Importantly! As for the children's bedroom, then purple should be used with caution. It is also not necessary to decorate the room in this way if its owner suffers from alcoholism or mental illness.

Purple Bedrooms Ideas: Shades and Combinations

Choosing purple as one of the main for the bedroom, you need to choose the right shade. If everything is clear with white and there is no need to think, then you have to work with his companion. Important factors:

Room dimensions. If there is enough space, feel free to use deep, rich tones. It is unacceptable for small rooms, it is better to be soft and restrained. If you neglect this and choose a bright, such as fuchsia, the room will be uncomfortable because it will seem even smaller.

Light. The lighter, the darker the colors can be used. And this applies to both natural (from windows) and artificial lighting. You can use an interesting trick: closer to the window or light source to apply a darker tone, and the farther from it, the lighter.

The character of the owner. As we remember, purple affects the psyche and should be treated with caution. For vulnerable natures, this is exactly what purple is - it tunes in to the positive, and charges with energy. And for self-confident and powerful options much more.

As for the combination, however, in our version, white will predominate in number. But it is unlikely to extinguish the brightness of purple.

Importantly! The combination we have chosen is already considered a classic. One tone - clean, neutral - can emphasize the depth of the neighboring color.

Purple Ideas for Bedroom: The Best Options

If you decide to use shades of purple, you can choose several original options:

Purple wallpaper. They should not be monotonous, even multicolored or with original relief, ornament is allowed. At the moment, especially pop with designers are collections with ethnic motifs in purple.

Use of mirror surfaces on the opposite wall. So you can save the world, expand the room, and make it airy, and light.

Photo wallpapers made in retrospect of the target tone. Both natural landscapes and abstraction are allowed here. Yes, it is better to decorate only one wall - it will be a real "feature" of the room.

A game of contrasts within one spectrum. It looks very original. And if you combine them on one wall, it will be lively and fun, the room will immediately be filled with positivity. Download the Room Planner App to get an idea of whether you really like a purple bedroom for yourself.

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