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8 Stylish Ideas For Bathroom Wall Decor

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The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house. Despite this, it performs important and even in some ways indispensable functions. After all, you can imagine an apartment without a dining room or even a bedroom. As for the bathroom, it is a mandatory component of any home. Of course, the small area of the room does not allow the designer's imagination to unfold completely.

However, with the right approach, you can easily create not only practical but still effective bathroom design with a fancy shelf, counter, fitting, and beach seashell art wallpaper, which harmoniously combines all the elements of the room. Download the Room Planner App to make sure everything combines well and always give you a great feeling of relaxation in your bathroom.

Wall Decor for Bathrooms in 2023

The bathroom is the place where each new day begins and ends. And agree that it is much more pleasant to arrange the bathroom walls ideas so that they could resemble a cozy and atmospheric spa. Then you can relax and enjoy a bubble bath or contrast spray shower.

If we talk about the current trends in ideas for bathroom walls in 2022, we can highlight several motives.

A bathroom is first a practical place, the planning of which is thought out to the smallest detail, including the sizes of a basket to keep things, decor plant, item storage made of plastic, and a pipe. All plumbing doesn’t have to interfere with movement around the room.

Freedom of Movement - the Main Criterion for Bathroom Decorations for Walls

Even if your bathroom has a relatively large area, do not neglect the methods of visually enlarging the space. Buy and add more mirrors, and transparent and glass elements to the room.

Plumbing, of course, must first perform a practical function. However, take a look at the new current models of 2022 - today you can find quite unusual (in doe color or shape) options on the store shelves.

Lighting. Today's stylish bathroom is another room with multi-level lighting, which is the highlight of the interior and helps to visually enlarge the space. Any decorative elements must also perform a practical function. Leave figurines, photo frames and any decor piece for the living room or bedroom.

Ideas for Walls in Bathroom in 2022

Previously, people were not particularly fond of decorating a stylish bathroom design. Fortunately, today, designers offer numerous bathroom interior ideas so that you can choose the option that is right for your particular room. Given the layout of the room and its area, you can get a fashionable, comfortable, and at the same time practical bathroom. The choice of shade of a wall and furniture in the room will depend mainly on what the owners of the house prefer. The most popular options are the following colors of bathroom design:

  • white bath – a classic option that can make a visual expansion to the space and add a little light;

  • black – noble color, which is relevant for large spaces;

  • red – the bold and original solution for the bathroom, this shade will undoubtedly give you vigor and energy;

  • yellow and orange – improves mood and allows you to recharge your batteries for the whole day;

  • brown – it has a great variety of shades like chocolate, wenge, brick, terracotta, and other colors;

  • blue – soothing color that is suitable for the design of the bathroom in a nautical style.

Bathroom Wall Decorating Ideas: Surface Finishing

When decorating any room of the house or apartment, an important step in the process of selecting materials for finishing the room. And the bath was no exception. Because there is a risk of high humidity and condensation, the selection of finishing materials should be approached with extreme caution. Only in this way, you will be able to get not just a beautiful room with a canvas, but also a long-lasting result that will delight you for decades.

Even though the bathroom has high humidity, there are a huge number of materials for its treatment. This is primarily because many manufacturers today are trying to make their products universal for every room in the house.

Wall Ideas for Bathrooms: Finishing the Walls

The market for building materials offers a huge range of materials for the design of the walls in the bathroom. The most popular options are:

Ceramic tile. The most popular option has a wide range of shades and shapes (square, rectangular, polygonal, etc.). Resistant to moisture, temperature changes, and mechanical damage. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions for over 30 years. The main disadvantage of the material is the complexity of its installation. To do this, you have to use the help of a professional who will perform all the measurements, installation of tiles, grouting joints, etc.

Natural stone. The most common options are granite or marble. Of course, natural stone is not a cheap pleasure, which is explained by a number of its advantages:

  • durability;

  • resistance to chemical and mechanical damage;

  • strength;

  • water resistance;

  • attractive appearance.

PVC panels. Today, on store shelves, you can find both plain PVC panels and more original options that can decorate the interior of the bathroom. Some models imitate wood, brickwork, marble, or even leather. The main feature of such panels is the simplicity of their installation, which can be dealt with without the help of professionals. The main thing is to make all the necessary measurements correctly.

Natural wood. Do you think that wood is not suitable for the bathroom? This is not true at all. Modern finishing methods allow the use of this material in wall decoration, even in rooms with high humidity. As a rule, special impregnation and protective varnishes are used for this purpose. It will be important to choose the right type of wood. Beech, cedar, larch, oak, teak, etc. are perfect for the bathroom.

Glass. Highly suitable for high-tech or modern bathroom interiors. You can use plain, multicolored panels or a glass plate with photo print. As for the type of surface, it can be:

  • glossy;

  • matte;

  • embossed.

Metal. It can be used as a stand-alone material but is often installed in combination with wood or stone. For the design of the bathroom, choose metallic sheets, galvanized, or chrome. In addition to its long service life, this treatment meets all safe fire requirements (metal - non-combustible material).

Paint. Not all types of paints are used for the bathroom. The most common options are:

  • latex;

  • acrylic;

  • silicate;

  • silicone.

Plaster. Decorative plaster has an attractive appearance (which is only Venetian plaster for walls) and long service life. The disadvantages of the material include its high cost and difficult installation.

Creating and decorating a bathroom is a process, although painstaking, but very interesting. Don't be afraid to go beyond and try a new non-standard idea. Add a colorful container, fancy plant, or patterned wallpapers. This way you will be able to get a design that accurately reflects your character and will be able to please you for as long as possible.

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