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One of the most interesting questions about design is how to decorate studio apartment. Here you face the problems connected to the absolute absence of any space division, so you have to make it by yourself, and you need to save the most space possible, for the premise to be comfortable to live in. But how to meet all these requirements and make an apartment stylish and comfortable at the same time? Here you’ll find the answers.

Zoning and planning

Designing a studio apartment the first thing to deal with is zoning the area. This is necessary for each place to be particular for some way of time spending: you should feel relaxed when you come to bed or feel concentrated when you start working. You can use all different kinds of dividers for this:

  • Dividers of various materials or combined materials. It looks really exciting when studio apartment decor includes some natural materials or combinations. For example, you can use natural wood to create a division between the bed zone and the other area. Another option is to use the glass elements with wood or faux wood materials. If it’s possible with your conditions, the use of paper can also produce good ideas for decorating a studio. Here the elements of Japanese traditional style can be implemented and it would look pretty interesting as a combination with some minimalist details, for example. The same you can invent on your own, just using your imagination.

  • Use various features of dividers you prefer. They can be transparent, half-transparent, and opaque. Using these features it’s possible to create a proper level of isolation of some zones one from another. The combination of different materials is also possible here.

  • Think outside the box – use the blinds and shades. Panel shades being mounted to the floor and ceiling on the rakes is a good decision for those who need the zoning to be more flexible. Using fabric or pinoleum allows you to make another accent or to hide something from the ones too curious. Furthermore, it’s another element of style, which adds more coziness or strictness to the whole design.

  • Add functionality – use any kind of furniture you prefer. Ideas for small studio apartments should include the most ergonomic use of space, so installing some bookcases or any other shelves as a wall between zones of the apartment is an advantage for storage abilities and decoration opportunities.

  • Plant wall as a homely touch. If you’re fond of plants it’s a perfect decision to mount a natural wall between the areas of a living room and a bedroom. The flower pots are possible to mount to the ceiling or place on the shelf construction. For the natural wall to be more monolithic use the advantages of climbing plants.

Studio apartment ideas include many more variations on what you can do to make it cozier, more ergonomic, and more multifunctional. At the same time, the ideas on decorating a studio apartment can help you to organize the space you have. It touches upon the choice of colors and materials.

Use of colors and light

When you have to design a studio apartment with a small foot square, you should think about all the means available to reach the best result possible. The use of a color palette is a powerful tool, to add your premise to a more distinct division into parts and to visually change the size of a certain zone, or the whole apartment.

The main idea you should consider is that these colors should be compatible with one another, otherwise the design will look just too fragmented. The same thing is about style combinations within some zone or between them. Make it look integrated with some unifying element, which covers a great area, like a big carpet, or several little carpets of different forms, but the same color tone. The unifying element can be also some color: the color of the ceiling, of walls, of decorative elements like pots and pictures, etc. Some obligatory elements can serve the same thing too: it would be interesting to use some unusual color for the fridge with the same color of window blinds.

Make the natural light enter freely into your apartment, and use the artificial light to add the charming effect of some details in the kitchen or in the bedroom zone. Use the means to care about plants in your design solutions, and let the light play through the space.

Use your imagination and introduce your proper solutions to make it look unique.

Levels and layers

Learning about small studio apartment ideas, you can often meet the variation of the second ‘floor’ organized within an apartment. It requires more from the budget and from your energy, but it’s a smart solution too. The construction can be used as another chance to organize the storage and decoration space, but the main point you should consider is the feeling of unwieldiness coming with non-transparent and heavy furniture.

As you can find the variations you’ll see the diversity of all the possibilities, but for this, you should have a good height in your apartment. Otherwise, it just turns out to be another problem.

Decoration ideas for small apartments just the same as organization ideas should be analyzed carefully, because of the necessity to create an airy atmosphere in the tiny premise. The shape of your kitchen furniture layout, the elements of style or combination of different styles, the choice of the key furniture in the living room area – all this play a huge role. Small details being improperly used will just create an impression of clutter. So before you start buying the furniture you should create a plan of design, and the Room Planner App is a perfect tool for such a task. Use your creativity and the information which the app offers, and your planning will reach the highest level of functionality!

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