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5 stylish ways to combine different types of tiles in the bathroom | Room Planner Blog

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The design of the interior is one of the most difficult questions to discuss, because it depends on so many things. First of them – subjective vision of one solution or another. But some locations in our house require particular attention, because it’s about functional usability as well. Bathrooms are one of them.

Why should you experiment with how tiles look together

When you think about all the variations of the styles possible to apply, the main material which sets the tone of this style is the material which covers the walls and the floor. Tiles are the most popular for this, and nowadays, there exist so many styles, forms and colors of tiles that it’s easy to get lost among all this diversity.

It’s easy to choose one style and use it everywhere on the surfaces of the bathroom, and it would be appropriate for minimalist interior designs, though in most of the cases it just looks featureless. So mixing different tiles in bathroom helps you to keep the room the one to feel comfortable in.

Another point to consider is that using a color you can visually change the space of the bathroom. On the Internet there are many solutions for those who have tiny shower rooms and for those whose bathrooms are comparable to an average living room. The position of the color on the walls, floor and ceiling strongly impacts the visual perception, exceptionally if the tiles are of the contrast light and dark colors.

Mixing tile sizes in the bathrooms helps to create an artistic effect, to zone the space, to set the accents. It also helps to design the position of some object obligatory to be set. It’s light fitting for example, or the zone of a sink and what’s placed at the same vertical line with it. There are so many variations, and it’s possible to find a solution for each particular case.

Colors and ornaments in tile combinations

To choose a combination the first thing you should do is select a style you prefer. For example, light Scandinavian style helps you to create moderate visuals with warm or cold colors, and to combine two or more types of tiles in the same room. For this you’ll need white and ornamented designs, maybe, some wood-like patterns.

You can also mix and match bathroom tiles in minimalist interiors, for zoning the space or just to make the shower room look more stylish. In this case you’ll need the tiles of the same shades, with little difference between them. To make it look different, it’s possible to use different shapes. The proper use of light will help you to make the accents and to unify the style.

That’s just a couple of examples, but to make it more bright, it’s possible to use bright colors and ornaments – it’s just up to your taste.

If your bathroom is too small or too big, you should pay attention to what colors you use on what surface. This can help you to fix the visual space if you use combinations properly. Mixing tiles in bathroom by surface you can follow the next schema:

It works for any type of room, so don’t hesitate to refer to it while planning your repair.

Mosaic solutions

Using a mosaic in question of a tiles combination for bathroom is another smart and stylish solution. First of all, it makes an accent to the wall or another surface where the mosaic is made, and in fact it’s not necessarily to make it on walls, floor or ceiling. It’s possible to use this type of tile to put the pieces and create a unique sink, for example, or any other surface you want to decorate that way. Here you’ll need to put every piece by yourself, and then to put a finish layer for this mosaic to be durable.

But not every mosaic has to be put like this. Today you can easily find other mosaic solutions and even mixed tile designs with mosaics specially for shower rooms. They are usually selected by the shades of the same color or by the same group of colors (warm/cold; light/dark), and many of them contain more than two colors. The mosaics you can find on the market are typically prepared in a way for all pieces to be put at once, because they are attached to a special mesh with a space between the pieces. The design can be abstract or with some illustration, but it doesn’t make much difference.

Go unusual or customize


n questions of interior design many people prefer not to be like everybody else, so they try to invent their custom designs or details of the designs. The bathroom tiles combination is not the exception. And here you can go as unusual as you like, because the material is pretty universal to use.

The most obvious thing you can do is to use unusual shapes. For example the tile mosaics which imitates the mermaid’s tail scales. The most ‘authentic’ is to use these mosaics in sky-blue or turquoise. Or another variant is the honeycomb shape, which became exceptionally popular. It’s available in many designs and colors, so you can buy whatever you prefer. Even if it would be a one-color tile, the shape makes everything different.

Another tip to consider is to use usual shapes with unusual layouts. For example, here you have a square-shaped tile, which seems too boring. Make it in another way! Make it a massive mosaic with both elements of the whole tile and broken details. It would also be smart to combine glossy and matte tiles in one design.

Discussing showers with two different tiles or more can be brought to many more various points. But the first and the only thing you should remember is that everything depends on your taste and creativity. So, to collect ideas and make them become projects there’s a Room Planner App for you, which will help you in creating and developing the best solutions for your case exclusively.

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