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10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas That Will Create Beautiful And Functional Illumination | Room Planner

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LED strips have many benefits. They give bright light, consuming a minimum of electricity. Due to environmental safety, they can be used in children's rooms and bedrooms. Differ in durability. The easy lead installation allows you to create an original interior with such devices! To see how it’ll look in your bathroom - open and download the Room Planner App.

Led Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Feature of Hidden Backlight

When the backlight is dim, soft light fills the room, and its source is not visible. Creating such lighting will be possible with the help of an LED strip located in a special niche. It is a flexible strip (8-10 cm wide) with lighting elements - diodes. Easily installed around the perimeter of any shape.

Advantages of hidden backlight:

  • with its help, you can make a chic interior - turn off the main lighting to create a romantic atmosphere;

  • performs the function of a night light;

  • looks spectacular in combination with suspended ceilings;

  • possibility to zone space.

You will need an LED strip and a power supply for the hidden backlight. To calculate the power of the latter, multiply the length of the strip by its power and the power factor (1.25). For a more uniform glow, it is better to use 2 blocks connected from opposite ends of the tape. To achieve perfect light distribution, use ice panels, complementing them with a special profile. You can order all the necessary products on our website.

LED Lights in Bathroom Ideas: Original Interior Design Ideas

Concealed lighting often has a functional purpose. The LED strip for the kitchen, located at the bottom of the cabinets, will provide additional lighting for the work area. This will make cooking more comfortable and the atmosphere cozy. To highlight a certain element of decor, put it in a niche with lighting. The mirror in the bathroom looks original, framed on the perimeter by an LED strip.

With the help of hidden lighting, you can visually lighten the massive furniture. Place the shining element under a massive chest of drawers, bed, or around the perimeter of the cabinet, creating the effect of weightlessness! A special ribbon for the side glow will help to implement the boldest design decisions.

White light is appropriate in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, and loggia. You can make the interior original with the help of colored diodes. Prefer orange and yellow. At a minimum, use blue, and red, as these colors will be very tiring and irritating. Also, avoid the "cold" glow.

To choose the right lighting in the bathroom, you need to follow some recommendations.

What Are the LED Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas?

First, illumination should be bright enough and at the same time soft, close today because for the performance of various cosmetic procedures in a bathroom we want to see ourselves in the most natural kind. It depends on the color rendering of your lighting. After all, the degree of the coefficient is one of the important parameters of the light source, which characterizes the influence of visual perception of color. The higher the color rendering index in the light source, the more natural the color of the objects.

The general lighting in a bathroom can consist both of one ceiling lamp, and of the set of points that will be located on all perimeter of a ceiling. Luminaires must be moisture-proof, and resistant to temperature changes and corrosion.

The main areas of the bathroom such as a mirror, cabinets, bath, or shower should be particularly well lit. In front of the mirror, we do various hygienic procedures, so a great option would be to place it symmetrically on both sides of its sconces, wall lamps, or attach lights on top along with the mirror. Models can be selected with brightness adjustment. In lockers and on shelves we store towels, soaps, and cosmetics, these areas can also be allocated separately by installing small lamps.

Top 10 Mirror LED Strip Light Bathroom Ideas

Here are the top ideas for your bathroom LED mirror.

Mirror with Hot Lava

The bronze frame with LED illumination makes this mirror similar to a stream of hot lava. Floor lighting adds even more drama to the interior.

Illuminated Mirror with Geometry

You can play with geometry in the interior: broken lines everywhere, accents on geometric shapes. The room is futuristic thanks to round illuminated mirrors.

Mirror with the Ceiling Lightning

The mirror with illumination can be supplemented with ceiling lighting: the first will help uniform illumination of your face, the second - local illumination of these or those details of an interior.

Illuminate Mirror

Even the brightest ceiling lamp will not give such uniform illumination of the face, as mirror illumination. It can be placed behind the frame, and it, in turn, can be decorated with a print.

Backlight without Mirror

Destroy well-established examples of decorating: we have already seen a mirror without lighting, but on the contrary - no. You can highlight the wallpaper, accented by the frame.

The lamp Above the Mirror

Place the lamp in the bathroom above the mirror - this option is optimal for the viewer, as the light falls on the surface of the mirror, not in the eyes.

An Acute Angle Lamp

For softer lighting, the mirror can be installed not perpendicular to the lamp, but at an acute angle.

Wall Small Lamps

An additional reflective surface for a small lamp can be the walls, as in this disco-style bathroom.

Dim Lamps

The light in the bathroom should not be annoying: daylight will be dimmed with tulle, and for artificial we will choose dim lamps.

Edison Lamps

Edison lamps above the mirror will smooth out the overly daring modern interior of the bathroom, and give it a retro hue. Although, they are not recommended for use in humid areas for safety reasons.

One of the important points when choosing the light in the bathroom is safety. Since the bathroom has high humidity and temperature fluctuations, you should choose to light fixtures that are resistant to water. When buying a lamp, take into account the degree of moisture resistance, it must be at least 4.

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