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The Ultimate Tool for Interior Design Education

Room Planner is the ideal starting point for aspiring interior designers. Our easy-to-use platform, comprehensive tutorials, and supportive community ensure student success. Integrate Room Planner into your curriculum for free practical experience and portfolio building.

User-Friendly Interface

Start designing with ease using our intuitive app. Help your students to hop into interior design field, create student projects and represent the works

Collaborative Projects

Allow editing, share editable projects, invite students and teachers to edit interior project versions in 3D

Create Design Portfolio

Showcase designs and build impressive portfolio, share it and get feedback

Ask PROs for advice

Friendly community of pro designers and enthusiasts that helps to study and compete


Study library

Access free tutorials, articles and interior design course to get started


More than 10 million people use Room Planner to create attractive interiors in 3D

Start for Free

Get started with a basic free plan, perfect for educational purposes

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